lymed out

my quest to getting these suckas out!

Family Doctor Appointment

It’s a given fact that Doctors will 100% recommend you for surgery. Hey, Dr. Surgeon recommended surgery for SLUDGE!

So I set my appointment to see Dr. 3 Hours asking the disgruntled receptionist for the first appointment. She said I would be third in line. Whatever. Over 10 people went in before me. Anyways I described my symptoms again and she ordered an ultrasound.

2 weeks later, I go to the lab to get the ultrasound done. The tech was poking and prodding for like 45 minutes, telling me to take a deep breath, hold it and let it out. This went on for like 30 times.

3 weeks later, I have to go back to Dr. 3 Hours. I waited again for another 3 hours just to get a result. It was now confirmed that the sludge turned into 2 big gallstones. One was 0.9 cm and the other was 0.6cm.

She then referred me to see a gastroenterologist whom I will call “Dr. I don’t care”. I waited for their call to set up an appointment. I finally went into see him and waited 2 hours while my hubby was pushing our toddler in a stroller trying to keep him from totally melting down.

So I see “Dr. I don’t care” because he really treated me like some number. Basically saying in a nutshell “You need to take out your gallbladder, yes or no.” I tried to ask him about the liver flush but he kept diverting. Until the end, I asked again and he said that a stone might get caught during the flush and then you will end up in the ER so he doesn’t advise it. At least he acknowledged the Liver Flush whereas some doctors will tell you it’s a complete hoax or think you are from a different planet.

Ok so this whole exercise was completely pointless because the outcome was just as I expected.


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