lymed out

my quest to getting these suckas out!

What did I do?

Now if you are reading this, chances are:

a) you are experiencing an attack right now

b) been diagnosed with gallstones and don’t know what to do

c) at the end of your rope So……I decided not to take it out. Reason being, Dr. Nice Surgeon told me that one of the major side effects was Diarrhea. But of course, you can take Questran to aid in the symptoms. I said “Um… no thank you!”. I decided to go home and do more research on this whole gallbladder business since I really knew nothing about it at all. Between then (beginning of 2008) and now (Nov 2009), I experienced many, many gallbladder attacks. Too many to count on both my hands. 99% of them happened at night and lasted for an average of 7 hours. Nothing helped alleviate the symptoms. Short of hanging myself, I still decided to keep this organ and researched more on the internet and came across the Liver Flush.

I first found the Dr. Hulda Clarke recipe. Hmmmm… I should try that instead of going under the knife. After reading what I had to do, I was more inclined to go under the knife. There was no way I was drinking a cup of olive oil or whatever it required. I was completely grossed out.

Then months passed, more attacks came. Then nausea accompanied it. It didn’t matter what time of day it was, nausea would just come because it felt like it. I knew 100% I wasn’t pregnant, so then I figured that this was somehow related to gallstones.

I then got really fed up with all these attacks and sleepless nights. I also had a toddler running around which made it a little difficult to sleep if even at all. I made an appointment with my Family Doctor, Dr. 3 Hours. Yes the one that makes you wait in the reception room for 3 hours with a disgruntled postal worker of a receptionist. I can’t believe I’ve been going to her for over 20 years.


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