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Stinky Stuff

In May 2009, I felt really crappy. Nauseous ALL the time, I have had it. I scoured the internet, searching for a home remedy and after 108 hours online, I found

Sensible Health is a very reputable company. Many people from can testify that Julia Chang’s Chinese Herbal Remedies has helped them with their gallstone issues.

I bought their 4 bottle of concoction, ready to try anything but surgery. At about $100, it wasn’t that bad considering. I had many questions so I emailed them and the staff was very helpful. You basically drink 2 teaspoons of these chinese herbs (in alcohol format) in the morning and at night. The taste at first will make you gag, the only thing I can compare it to is like drinking the smell from a farm with the stench of horse manure.

After awhile, it wasn’t that bad, I was use to it. I took this for 3 months day and night and on the third day, did feel better immediately. You are supposed to eat healthier, drink lots of water. I did neither.

This concoction was to prepare you for the liver flush by crushing the stones. I was too scared to do the liver flush. I read on the website that you can take this for a year and it will crush them so that they pass, but ultimately the liver flush is the best thing.

October comes…… misery sets in again… I know it was my own dietary lifestyle. I couldn’t take this anymore, it was almost daily that I had a heat pack on my stomach just to survive. So, I gave it much thought and did the dreaded liver flush.


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2 thoughts on “Stinky Stuff

  1. Did u do liber flush pass gallstone. Or had to ve surgery?

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