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The Dreaded Liver Flush

Ok so I did the nasty liver flush. I researched endlessly at to see what people did, what the effects were etc. I was more scared of nausea than anything.

to prepare for the flush, I went to an organic store and bought 4 huge bottles of Eden’s Organic Apple Juice which costs about $10 bucks each. Then I bought 3 grapefruits.

Day 1: I drank 2 cups of Apple Juice every 2 hours between 8 am – 8pm
Effects: I felt really crappy. Headache and sluggish more so. Had to take care of 2 year old active toddler. Thought I was going to die. I know I felt like crap because this fast was actually getting rid of all the toxins in my body. That night, I could actually feel stuff leaving my skin. Does that make sense? It was tingly all over and felt like I was glowing. I thought I had lost it.

Day 2: I drank 2 cups of Apple Juice every 2 hours between 8 am – 8 pm
Effects: At 10 am, I felt like I could run a marathon. I never felt so energetic. The rest of the day was a breeze. Drinking the apple juice was no more nauseating whereas the day before, I was gagging at every sip. (Not because I didn’t like the taste, but because there was just SO MUCH to drink). It would literally take me half an hour to drink 2 cups.

Night of Day 2: I read somewhere that when you prepare for the olive oil/grapefruit juice, to have all your ducks in a row. So I got the toddler to bed, I re-read the instructions to hubby in case I passed out / had an attack / or died. I got him to squeeze the grapefruit juice into half a cup. (I couldn’t stand the smell). I got an empty plastic water bottle. I poured half a cup of Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and then poured the half cup of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. I shook it like no tomorrow and then poured that all into a big mug. I ran up to the bathroom. I got my toothbrush ready with the toothpaste on it. I braced myself like I was about to jump off a cliff. Hubby was downstairs watching tv, oblivious. I gulped the nasty concoction, holding my breath (which doesn’t really work at eliminating the taste). My mission was to gulp the whole thing in one sitting. Didn’t happen. I accidentally had to take a breath and let go of the gulping. The taste was actually bad, but not THAT bad.* (see below) I finished the rest. I ran to the toothbrush and brushed my teeth like my life depended on it. I ran to the bed, and lay down on my right side. Then hubby realized all the commotion, ran up to see what was going on.

* taste: I can liken it to drinking oil paint remover. Coming from a background of visual art, I use to do oil paintings when I was younger and always had to wash my brushes with that stuff. Well, it’s just like drinking that. GROSS! I think most of it is in your head. The more you read about drinking it, the more grossed out you will be. Just do it and get it over with.

That night: about 3 am, I felt really gross. I felt like vomiting. I hate vomiting, so I didn’t. I just lay there counting backwards from 100. I eventually passed out again.

6 am: I had the urge to use the bathroom. It wasn’t pleasant. I’m not going to go into details. I had to use it again several more times between 6 am – 2 pm that day. The last part of the flush was to drink 4 cups of water mixed with some freshly squeezed lemon juice. All I can say is that you might as well be sitting on the toilet when drinking that.

Hubby had to go into work that day, but I was able to handle myself and toddler. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected. I ate steamed vegetables and such that day.

Next Day: I started eating solids. That’s where the crap hit the fan. I think a stone got stuck. But the pain was in my back. So everytime I eat now, I get a dull pain in the gallbladder area and then radiates to the back. It was tolerable but very uncomfortable.

Next Week: Something was definitely wrong. I emailed the Chinese Herb place and she said it’s common that a stone can get stuck and to drink more of that Chinese Stuff and do the flush AGAIN!. I thought about it for maybe 3 seconds and said Screw this, I’m booking the surgeon (Dr. Nice Surgeon) to get this frigging gallbladder removed.

Next Day: Called Dr. Nice Surgeon. Office closed. BAH.
Day After: Saturday Closed! DAMNIT
Day After that: Sunday Closed! KILL ME
Monday @ 9:01 am: Receptionist answers. Next booking is 2 weeks from this call.

In the meantime: between that Monday to meeting date, I ate about 10 bites per day. I lost 10 pounds. I always felt full. I always had a dull ache in the gallbladder area. I no longer enjoyed life. I knew I was becoming depressed. There was not a minute that went by that I didn’t feel like crap.

The Sunday before the Meeting Date: All of a sudden, I felt something pop like the stone had moved and felt relief. I can’t imagine, I was suffering like this for almost 3 weeks.

Meeting with Dr. Surgeon came: She said yes get it removed. There’s no way that you could have passed a 2.6 cm stone when the bile duct is like 3 mm (or whatever it is).

ok so I booked the date which is about a month from now, so we will see how that goes. Stay tuned.


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