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my quest to getting these suckas out!

4 Days post surgery

So…. how does the gallbladder removal affect one’s digestive issues and running to the toilet?

So far, only one episode. And I totally blame the butter that I put on my toast. That turned my stomach into a gut wrenching tornado for the majority of the day.

Also I learned that I can’t overeat. Always leave the table a little hungry. Because my eyes were bigger than my stomach, even too much soup made me IMMEDIATELY want to vomit. It was like “yum, this soup is so good”. Next second. “Ok, I gotta lie down, I think I’m going to throw up.”

So I’m on Day 4. So far everything is ok. Took the bandages off and the Nurse didn’t tell us what do with these steri strips or whatever they are called. I had to call my nurse friend who said to leave them on until they fall off by themselves.

So just now, I had a toast with ham on it. No mayo, no butter, just plain ham. And a coffee. My stomach is rumbling now and I’m starting to not feel too hot. So I’m going to go lie down.

Bottom line. Take at least 1 week off work. From what I’m reading around the forums, everyone heals differently. I was able to go and carry two loads of laundry today. I believe I’m healing pretty fast, but still want the sympathy from hubby so I’m going to pretend that I’m still a little immobile.


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