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Almost 1 month later

I had my post surgery consult with the surgeon today. She told me the results of the surgery. There was a gallstone stuck at the top of the bile duct. She tried to push it back into the gallbladder so that she can sever that duct, but the stone wouldn’t move, so she had to snip below it. She said if she left that gallstone there, there would be the same pain, so she had no choice but to cut below that. Imagine that!

She said my gallbladder was a wreck. It was very mucousy where a normal gallbladder should be clear. They also found the 2cm gallstone. I hope they ran over it with a truck.

She also mentioned another patient swore by the Liver Flushes. This patient also froze it because otherwise it would have dissolved. My surgeon’s answer to that was because it was oil, not stones. So whatever you can take from that synopsis, so be it it!

So that’s it!

I guess this will be my last post since I really don’t have any more problems. If anything does arise, I will be sure to post something for you all.

I hope this little blog of the last 2 years of my life helps you. I can’t tell you what to do, but can only share my experience. And that this was a positive experience.


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2 thoughts on “Almost 1 month later

  1. Thanks a ton for your blog – love it! I've got to call to schedule myself for gall bladder surgery tommorrow, after having been in the E.R. 4 times over the past month-and-a-half. Tons of tests run, including 2 hida scans. One tested fine – 63 March 12. The other – just run yesterday morning, tested bad – a 37. Below 40 is considered "time to remove". This bloating, burning gut, light-headedness, and tiredness absolutely sucks! I can't do any type of work. On top of that, I've lost 19 pounds in the last month due to a lack of being able to eat much (flares up problems when I do). Just curious – are you at a point yet where you're able to eat anything without worry, or are you still having the occasional issue pop up? Also – are you happy you've gone through with the surgery? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hey There,Sorry for the late response… I've had only 1 day of slight pain which felt like a stone was stuck in the middle of my back. But other than that, I can eat almost anything now without having to worry about it. I've had no other problems since then and it's now about almost 4 months post – operation.

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