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The Chinese Medicine Man

So my mom came down with some type of flu and went to a Chinese Herbalist. Having grown up in that culture, I knew what is was all about, and that stuff just smelled nasty. Anyways, I was at my wits end and I got her to take me to see them. These stores usually have a doctor on board. For more information, just google “Traditional Chinese Medicine”.

So what this Doctor did was everytime I went in (which was once a week at about $70 each week for about 2 months), she would access me. This included looking at my tongue (see here for info on tongue diagnosis) and taking my blood pressure.

After this, they packed up 6 days worth of herbs that I am to boil down to make a tea. The boiling took 3 hours and then I had to separate it into 2 cups and drink one in the morning and one at night.

It honestly tasted like someone ran into the woods, grabbed some tree bark, mushrooms and horse manure and threw it into a pot and boiled it to death. Although they give you these little candy things you chew to get rid of the after taste. (I use to eat these as a child). The best way to do this is to just hold your breath and gulp. I even counted 16 gulps so I knew when it would end.

The chinese herbs helped me 100%. For 2 months, I could virtually eat anything. The only limitation was that I couldn’t drink coffee or eat anything sugary or spicy. (I did sometimes though). It even relieved alot of anxiety.

Then I was weaned off at the end of July 2011. And crap hit the fan!


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