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ughhh. I’m back

I moved this blog from blogger because I hate blogger and wordpress is much easier. My last post was 1 year ago and 9 months ago and I’ve been meaning to update this, but it’s been so long I couldn’t even remember my password. So after fiddling around for about an hour, here you go.

Anyways, fast forward now and lets just say that my last post sounded like the roses were smelling nice, when infact it didn’t turn out that way. After the surgery in Jan 2010, everything was beautiful for about 10 months until the end of November. I don’t know what happened. Something went wrong and all of a sudden, I couldn’t digest anything. I had nausea all the time, my face turned white as a ghost, it felt like I had a stone stuck in some bile duct still. Symptoms felt like something was stuck in my throat, back pain radiating to the front, and a sharp pain where my gallbladder use to be.

I went to the ER, got some ultrasounds, they found nothing. I went to Dr. 3 Hours, she ordered another set of ultrasounds and they found nothing, had a celiac test done but again nothing*. I was sent to 2 gastroenterologists. One of them accused me of making these symptoms up and they were all in my head. Needless to say, I said to hell with him!

My doctor then ordered a barium swallow. You basically lie on a table, they give you this nasty pasty chalklike substance which they mask with your choice of strawberry or lemon flavour. The results came back and it showed that I had GERD. Lovely!!! I was prescribed endless amounts of Pantoprazole which did absolutely nothing.

Between Jan 2011 – May 2011, I was in semi hell, tolerable but everyday was a struggle. Flare ups would come in bouts and even at one point, I thought I was having a heart attack from severe chest pain and went to the ER again. They did a stress test and EKG and of course, it turned out fine. The doctor on call said that GERD does produce symptoms of chest pain.

Anyways with this info, I was tired of the way I was living and couldn’t bear it any longer.

* Just because you tested negative for celiac, doesn’t mean that you aren’t gluten intolerant. More on this to come later!


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