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When Crap Hit the Fan

So basically I had a bad habit of not eating breakfast and skipping it to about 11 am. Well this came to an end. I was starving at about 11:30 and gorged on a cream cheese bagel. That’s what did me in. Those bad symptoms from the year before came back along with a whole set of new ones. Here’s the chain of events.

Skipped breakfast. Gorged on a cream cheese bagel at 11:30 am. While cutting some avocado at 2:30 pm, sudden onset of dizzyness. Passing out feeling. Numbness. Nausea. Loss of Balance. Anemia feeling. Muscle Weakness. Hypoglycemia.

I have no idea what happened but it was very strange. But I ignored it as it lasted no more than 15 min. Then the next day it happened again. Because I was an idiot and skipped breakfast. Then things got worse. I took two bites of anything and got dizzy and nausea.

In between that, trip to ER to test for liver enzymes. Came out fine. I told the doctor I was also having really heavy periods and blood clotting. He check for Fibroids and negative. But I came out of his office with more Pantoprazole and 3 months of the pill! YAY! (NOT!)

I even went to see an acupuncturist. She did one session on me and said that my blood circulation is terrible. I got some tea pills from her and another concoction of herb boiling though it this time, it was in pill form, not plant and mushroom form.

I’ve been living on the computer since then. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t google a symptom. This I know for sure is causing added stress.

Symptoms started to taper off. For a while, all I was eating was banana, rice and soup. I lost 10 pounds in about a month.


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