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Far Infrared Sauna Gone Wrong

So it’s a no brainer that Infrared Sauna’s are beneficial for detoxing and very good for the Lyme patient. My husband is very supportive of me and thought it would be great for us to purchase our own Infrared Sauna for our home. Better yet, Costco has it on sale and it ends next week! But before dropping $1500 on this, he suggested that I go and try it out. I quickly made an appointment with a local Naturopathic clinic that has one. My friend had gone the day before me to “test” it out for her own reasons and when I talked to her after, she warned me of the Milk Thistle that they make you drink. Apparently it will make you feel really loopy.

So off I went to this place, got ready and all to go in and the lady hands me the glass of milk thistle with diluted water and said to drink while in the sauna. I thought, hmmmm should I? given the details from my friend. But I knew I had to so I did. About 15 minutes in, I started to feel like I was drunk. I’m hoping this is the effect of the milk thistle and NOT the sauna because this would sway me into not buying one. By the end of the 30 minutes at 140 degrees, I stepped out of there like I had just overdosed on Ativan. I didn’t think that I was even able to drive home. But I managed. “Hello Officer! No, it wasn’t alcohol, it was Milk Thistle, I swear.”

So my symptoms when I got home were really bad nausea, hung over, drunk feeling, head spinning, headache and heart palps. I managed to get in the shower and then when I got out, I could barely get dressed, so I sat in my towel on my bed and started to google.

Hello Mr. Herxheimer. I didn’t think it was a possibility to herx on an infrared sauna treatment or a shot of milk thistle. What are your thoughts? Either way, I need to make a decision on this infrared sauna because the sale ends next week.

Cost of the Sauna
To justify why I would be shelling out $1600 for this, think about it. Clinic rates are $1.00 a minute. That’s $30 for 30 minutes. If you do this 3 x a week, that’s $360 a month. By 4.5 months, you would have paid your sauna off in full. Not to mention that you entire family can use it. There are also nice sauna’s that go for $999.


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8 thoughts on “Far Infrared Sauna Gone Wrong

  1. hello Lymed Out.
    I don’t have Lyme disease but I do own a portable Infrared sauna that I use faithfully. My reason is for pain management and it certainly helps in that category. I decided to try a portable before I get a larger one for the family. I think I will go ahead with the purchase. But I wanted to answer your question. I have never heard of thistle milk, but I have always heard to drink water during your sauna session. An for many just starting out they should go slow in temperature and in time in sauna. Maybe you should start with 15 minutes at 125 and work up to a full 30 -45 minute session.

    I believe in infrared and what it can do for various diseases and conditions and hope your experience and condition is beneficial.

  2. my experience with the sauna was wild..just about fainted, had rapid heart rate and sore eyes.
    i did buy one but I experience such bad reqctions I am afraid to use it.
    There is however a protocol of supplements to follow before , during and after the sauna to soak up toxins released…so they don’t reabsorb.
    I purchased my sauna from
    and they have tons of info on their website
    Just in case you are interested. They are also toxic free which is important. They are located in Collingwood and they ship drectly to you as well as set it up and provide a protocol. but not milk thistle.
    info for you

    • Hi VLB,
      I went ahead and purchased one myself. I, like you were afraid to use it but I couldn`t throw 1600 bucks away, so I forced myself. I took it easy. I didn`t do the 140 degrees, but 125 for only 10 min. Then now I worked my way up to 45 min every other day and have no reaction to it… we got ours from costco

    • Ok
      so should try slowly again
      where is your Lyme specialist and who supports you in Ontario
      Most of my MD contacts here don’t think I have lyme so don’t support the efforts

    • Please email me at lymedout(at)

  3. Jessica on said:

    I can’t understand why either milk thistle or FIR sauna would give such a reaction. Milk thistle is a common supplement for liver support. But I’ve never drank it before so perhaps theirs was strong? I can’t tolerate the steam sauna very well [common for those of us whose systems are impaired in some way (ie people with Fibro, CFS, Lymes, etc, etc)], but have just received a portable FIR sauna this week, used it several times without any problems, and loooove it! Even my four-year-old daughter tolerates it just fine. She got in WITH me (yep, even a $200 portable sauna is just big enough for the two of us!) last night and stayed in surprisingly for about 15-20 minutes on its medium setting. She only got out because she got bored, and has been begging me all day to get in it again (to my shock and delight).
    However, I have been mildly detoxing and trying to live as “clean” as possible for a few years now. So I suppose my Herx reactions would not be as strong as someone who is just starting to detox. And neither would a small child’s–especially a child whose mom is *somewhat* of a health nut. My husband on the other hand, who smokes and has a terrible diet, got rather “sick” last year (think flu-like symptoms) just from drinking a concoction of mine containing coconut oil, honey, and cinnamon (with hot water, protein powder, and hot chocolate mix)…only a few times! But he got in the sauna last night for about 15 minutes with no apparent side effects. So one never knows how they might react to detox metbods.
    You won’t know unless you try it for yourself, and as far as FIR saunas go, TRY IT! The benefits are “far”-reaching!!! (Pun intended)

    • Hi Jessica,

      I did end up buying a sauna… a large one for abou $1200 almost 2 years ago… it’s pretty awesome. I go in it 3 times a week for 25 minutes at about 122 degrees celcius… no effects now whatsoever. i think that first time, they had it at 140 degrees celcius and i dunno what happend, it produced the worst detox herx reaction in me

  4. Jazzmatazz on said:

    I just wanted to let you know, that at the higher temps, I did not do well at all. My ND advised me to start slowly at 105 degrees for a half hour, and then slowly make my way to an hour, and eventually two, but always at 105 degrees. He is not Lyme literate, but he is working toward that goal, as he has a lot of patients that have it.

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