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Lyme Challenge: Teasel Root and Cat’s Claw

When I suspected Lyme about a month a half ago, I found a Lyme Holistic Practitioner whom I met for a consult on the suspicion of Lyme. He gave me these 2 tincture bottles. If I experience heightened symptoms, it definitely meant that I was fighting an infection.

I was supposed to work my way up with the dosages to eventually hit 5 drops 3x a day with the Cat’s Claw and 3 drops 3x a day with the Teasel Root. Well, 3 days in I was feeling pretty good. 4th day, not too hot. It actually landed me in bed for the next few days. I felt really really ill, my head was a clouded mess, my upper left shoulder felt like it was locked. My dizziness worsened, and my appetite was completely shot.

It was after this that bout of 4 days that I did the IGeneX test. so I’m pretty sure that this concoction “enhanced” my positive results. This doesn’t mean that I got a false positive, it just meant that there was a greater chance of the test being positive as it created more antibodies in my system I guess?

Anyways, for the next month or so, I couldn’t tolerate the 3x3x3 Teasel Root drops a day, so I lessened the dose to just 2x2x2. I seemed to tolerate this pretty well. The Holistic man also advised me to do a Candida Detox Diet, which I will talk about in my next post.


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