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My LLMD visit, Prescriptions Meds and Supplements

I had booked an appt with the LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) BEFORE I was even diagnosed with Lyme and before the IgeneX labs came back. She was a 3 month wait. However as soon as I got the IgeneX back with a positive, her office called and said there was an immediate opening the week after. I took this as a Godsend and went for it. My husband and I packed our bags, leaving my little 5 yr old with my mom and drove to see her. Our friends live about an hour away from the border, so we stayed with them which in the grand scheme of things all played out perfectly thanks to GOD! As my appointment was at 10am, we decided that the first night we would stay across the border in the US. There is a hotel that will give you a discount if you are a patient with Dr. LLMD.

How sad is it that I can’t even fit all these bottles into a single frame?

Anyways, the appointment comes and she spends about 2 hours with us, going through my symptoms and telling us her story. At the end, I was given a physical check up. And then the prescription meds. I didn’t even try to comprehend at this point what it all meant. After the appointment, we went to Target to fulfill one of the prescriptions that wasn’t available in Canada. Click here to see my current treatment plan with all costs.

Thank goodness, I was able to get a Health Plan and it covered all the Oral Antibiotics except the Nystatin (and obviously NOT the supplements).  I will be introducing each of these every 5 days for the next 3 months until my next phone consult with Dr. LLMD.

So, here are two scenarios for you:

1. If you have health insurance
You will need to find a physician in Canada who will re-write the LLMD’s prescriptions. I personally knew a Doctor who was in another province that re-wrote them for me. The local pharmacy by me accepted these prescriptions even though they were out of province. And then my health insurance covered it. My next challenge is getting Dr. Gollum to write my next set of prescriptions at the 3 month mark since the other physician is so far. At the 6 month mark, I will be seeing the LLMD again and also the out of province Physician. So good news there.

2. If you have no health insurance
Just get them across the border while you are there, or go to


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4 thoughts on “My LLMD visit, Prescriptions Meds and Supplements

  1. Hi my name is Wendy Aitken I live in Kingston and have lyme we get all my drugs signed off with and they come right into my mailbox…don’t have to get Dr. Gollum to sign off on anything…if you don’t want to get them while you are there…I have been gettting drugs from Canada drugs for 2.5 years no problems even weird ones…one came from New Zealand and was actually very helpful…
    We send the Canada drugs receipts to our health insurance…


    • Jim Waslowski on said:

      Wendy, my son was just yesteday diagnosed with Lyme. Early stage Lyme (bulls eye rash). Our local doctors don’t seem to want to give the appropriate amount of antibiotic to be sure that he is curerd fully on initial treatment. He attends Queens University, and will be moving back to Kingston in a few weeks. Do you have a LLMD close to Kingston that you can refer us to?

    • Hi Jim, please contact, however I believe that there are no LLMD’s in Canada. Can you define “early”? Was it within a month? You can email me if you click on contact and I can give you my LLMD info. It’s imperative that this is treated RIGHT AWAY and not wait.

    • Hi Jim,
      If you email me directly at, I will send you my phone number.
      These circumstances do require speed as Lymed Out said.
      Our Lyme Doctor is in the States and is on Holidays now and all next week.
      Dr. Murakami in Hope B.C. would be the person to get in touch with, but again it is a holiday weekend. He has a group of sympathetic doctors across Canada who would be willing to help.

      All the best (I’ve had Lyme for 20 years this is something your son does NOT want to have because Canada is far behind in acute treatment and denies any treatment after the acute stage)


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