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my useless canadian testing

One of the stipulations of being treated by the LLMD was that I was to do Monthly Blood Labs to monitor my system. These are:

  • CBC – Complete Blood Count
  • AST – Liver Function
  • ALT – Liver Function
  • BUN – Kidney Function
  • CREATININE – Kidney Function
  • Amylase – Pancreas (when on Mepron or Malarone Antibiotics)

I dreaded going to Dr. Gollum to ask for the 12x blood labs that were required. I had even contemplated on going to my son’s pediatrician. But I knew that wouldn’t work. So off to Dr. Gollum I went.

He is a very nice and gentle man, however he doesn’t believe that I have Lyme even after the positive result from IgeneX. He thinks that the Canadian tests are right and that “perhaps the lab IgeneX in California is wrong.” I replied in the most non condescending way that Canadian Lyme tests are highly inaccurate. I can’t really blame him because he is just not educated in this area. I’m glad though that he did requisition the monthly labs for me for the next 6 months.

HOWEVER, he re-iterated the fact that I don’t have a fever or a rash and asked me what symptoms I had. I mentioned to him of the recent arthritic like pain in my hands and knuckles and knees. I didn’t even bother wasting my breath with the fever or rash comment. He said again that the Lyme diagnosis is fishy and wanted to refer me to a Rheumatoid Specialist. My eyes at this point most likely rolled to the back of my head, and I wanted to take my hands and strangle his neck and shake him and say “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!”.

Obviously, I didn’t do that. I sat there and smiled and said “Ok, yes please refer me to yet another person who will think I am crazy or better yet diagnose me with rheumatoid arthritis and prescribe me more useless medication.”

I went out of his office with some more blood labs requisitions, this time for Rheumatoid Factor and so on. The next day, I went to get my blood drawn. “Um excuse me Miss, this test isn’t covered by OHIP. It will be $50” said the Nurse. Um Ok great. So now I am literally PAYING $50 dollars to Public Health to prove to my family doctor that I don’t have arthritis.

So the phone just rings and it’s Dr. Gollum’s office. “Hi, your Rheumatoid Specialist appointment is in July”. I’m like, “Um, ya, that’s like4 months from now.” I guess my case isn’t that big a deal for him. And I know this because his receptionist says that he reviews each case before booking an appointment.

Anyways back to the original post topic, here’s the evidence of the Canadian test vs the IgeneX California test.

Canadian Test below. The Babesia Antibody was cancelled. The Bartonella had no evidence of serologic infection. The rest for some reason are pending and even a month later, the results have not arrived. I’m not even sure if there was an Elisa test performed here.

IgeneX test below. Positive by IgeneX, but negative by CDC. 2 LLMD’s + a Lyme Holistic Practitioner confirmed that these positive bands I had are specific to Lyme and that I do have a current infection.


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2 thoughts on “my useless canadian testing

  1. nina otulakowski on said:

    Hi! I am loving your blog and can’t thank you enough for posting your story. Just started reading it this morning — as there is alot to take in (and trying to understand the canadian doctors is another thing); so I was wondering which doctor requested to get your bloodwork tested in the canadian laboratory. and why and by whom was the babesia tests cancelled? i can only imagine how all of this must have made you feel.
    I am getting so much from your blog and reading it is helping me determine just whom to get the bloodwork assigned by.
    thanks so much

  2. Hi Nina. I spoke with Dr. Murikami out in BC (where you messaged me from lol). He told me what tests to get Canadian wise. I think really that they were irrelevant. What you need to get and concentrate on is the Western Blot from IGeneX. I wouldn’t bother with any Canadian testing AT ALL. You will need to get your own GP here to sign for the Western Blot though. And if he/she doesn’t, find one that will. You can find more information on this step by step here.

    I would do this ASAP. Do not wait. The kit itself costs nothing. It will take about 2 weeks to get to you. It only costs you once you are ready to draw your blood. It’s about $260. I would not hesitate in a second to get this. Please email me for more information on LLMD etc.

    I’m so glad my blog is helping you. That is my intention. I found it so overwhelming when I was in your shoes about 2 months ago. I needed to change that and I hope my blog will help those out there, especially in Canada.

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