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My head looks like Homer Simpson’s

This is my Head. Feels kinda strange to see the insides of your brain.

One of my main symptoms for over a year has been severe vertigo. It would be so bad that I at times, I had to keep my head still. I went to see an ENT, did a number of hearing tests, an electrode test, etc with the diagnosis that I DON’T have Benign Positional Vertigo, but I had stress and low blood pressure.

This kept persisting until I knew something was really screwy when I started to get tremors and sharp electric like pains in my face and body. At this time, I didn’t know I had Lyme, but I had an inclining, and I knew that I had to exhaust every possible method to rule out anything wrong with my brain like a tumor, or MS. I went into Dr. Gollum’s office and was at this point sick with the games between him and Dr. 3 Hours. I didn’t even say Hi or Hello, I said “I need a brain MRI.” The good thing about Dr. Gollum is that he usually grants your wish should you persist.

So my MRI date was scheduled. I had already had an abdominal MRI 3 weeks before this, so knew the whole rigamarole. The only difference is that there was no contrast dye injection thank the stars. I had to endure that with the abdominal. It wasn’t bad, but just knowing they are injecting this chemical into your body makes you cringe. And the fact that the dye has the Gadolinium chemical can cause very bad side effects in people with poor kidney function. But that is another blog post altogether.

Although I get claustrophobic in some situations, this wasn’t bad at all, just rather loud. It was actually quite relaxing. The whole thing was over in about 20 min and I got the results in about 3 days which was clear. About 4 weeks later, I had already booked an appointment with a neurologist for followup. By this time, my Lyme diagnosis was confirmed. I was even going to cancel his appointment because I didn’t want to waste my time, but I was curious as to what he had to say.

My husband accompanied me to the appointment. From the reviews I read about him, they weren’t that great, so I was skeptical. When I walked in, there was an elderly couple who was there and the husband was called in. I could hear the entire conversation between them through the closed doors. The poor man complained of dizziness and he was a little hard of hearing, and listening to their conversation I had to stifle my laughter. My husband kept nudging me to shutup.

Neurologist: “I am going to get you an MRI”
Elderly Man: “What?”
Neurologist: “An MRI.”
Elderly Man: “Huh?”
Neurologist: “AN MRI!!! Have you worked with heavy metal?”
Elderly Man: “What?”

At this point, I was so glad my hearing was good, I didn’t want to endure the wrath of this doctor. Well, my turn to go in, he pops the CD of my brain MRI into his computer and says “Wow this is remarkably clear.” Me: “So no white lesions?” Him: “None at all, other than one here which is normal with age.”

He asked me why I went to see him. I said that I was just diagnosed with Chronic Lyme. “Oh.” he responded. After telling him that I am seeing a doctor in NY that treats Lyme, because no doctor here in Ontario will do it, he said “of course they do!”. I said “Not chronic!”.

Well long story short, I crossed off the last specialist that I will see off my list.

My Lyme Buddy (through a mutual friend) is the gal who was diagnosed with Lyme right before me and was the one who told me how to get tested. She had optic neuritis. Her brain MRI had white lesions which they said is the beginning of MS. This completely freaked her out so I did some research. I found out that just because you have white lesions DOESN’T mean that you have MS.

Read this article here to feel better!

On a lighter note, I don’t know why my head shot reminds me of this.


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