lymed out

my quest to getting these suckas out!

Pillboxes and Craziness

My friends make fun of me all the time because of my need for organization. I’m glad I have this trait because going through this treatment regimen requires days to figure out what time to take these meds, what supplements to get, which ones don’t interact well, what timing and spacing to take them all, some can’t be taken an hour within of each other and that whole shaznik. This is enough to drive you nuts. The solution that I came up with will be popping a set of pills every 2-3 hours. My husband asked if I was going to program an alarm. I’m like HELLZ NO. I don’t want this thing to run my life. But I think I might need to. This completely SUCKS.

Organizational freaks leads into spreadsheet freaks, so I came up with this which I will stick on my fridge. I also searched everywhere for nice looking pillboxes. I came to the conclusion that I need a 7+ day pill box. And that wasn’t available anywhere. So I purchased these ones (about $8.50) and just labelled them over with the time. I also found these nice looking ones here, and purchased them, but I don’t think the space will fit the thousand or so of pills.

I’m glad that I still have a little of my brain to decipher all this. When I have my flare ups, I can’t even put a logical thought together, but here it is. If you need a spreadsheet template, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below with your info and I can send you one.


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