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Added Milk Thistle

Call me crazy, I have added Milk Thistle to the cesspool of pills I am taking. The reason I say I am crazy is because of this post here. At the Infrared Sauna, I was given it in liquid form. But this is in pill form which was about $29. Milk Thistle is to help you detox the liver. So please pray for me that I don’t get a repeat of what happened to me at the Sauna. Unless that was a bad die-off I was experiencing. I haven’t done much research on Milk Thistle, but on the treatment protocol given to me by my LLMD, it said to get this with 80% Silymarin (whatever that means). Please shed some light for me on Milk Thistle because at this point, I’m just about done scouring the internet for info.


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3 thoughts on “Added Milk Thistle

  1. Yep milk thistle is great for detox. It makes you urinate more frequently and helps clean out the toxins built up in your liver. You will find milk thistle in Rock Star energy drinks and other energy drinks. Silymarin is the standardized extract of the milk thistle seeds. Milk Thistle helps to rejuvenate liver cells and support healthy liver function. Drink plenty of water with them. You may also want to add Chanca Piedra to your pills. Chanca Piedra is another herbal that helps clean out the liver and the kidneys and is said to help break up any kidney stones. And another great detox is Milk Thistle/Dandelion/Yellow Dock combination. If you shop around and find a good site you can get them real cheap. I use Swansons and get them when they are buy one get one free. I am on about 42 pills as of last count. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the info!!! 42 Pills! OMG That is completely insane! I often think what would happen to us if there was a zombie apocalypse (too much watching of The Walking Dead). Where would we get our meds!!?

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