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Dr. Phil will air segment on Lyme

Update on my progress: Today is the 4th day on the first med Nystatin. Last night I had really bad nausea. Like REALLY bad. It woke me up several times. I’m not sure if this was due to the nystatin or just my general crappy well being. Anyways, this is floating around the lyme community, here is a clip from tomorrow’s show.

UPDATE: Ok what did you think of the show? For me, the segment wasn’t long enough. They also didn’t go very much into the detail of the girl suffering, how she got it, where, how long she was infected etc. Also they should have said how long it took for the other 2 women to heal themselves. But it’s a great step in the right direction at awareness. And what an idiot that other doctor was. Completely ignorant.


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3 thoughts on “Dr. Phil will air segment on Lyme

  1. I actually thouht the show was terrible. The girl also had several other conditions besides the Lyme and she looked like she was dying. Lyme isn’t that bad.. I’ve had it for over 15 years and known many others with it. That girl has some other serious issues besides Lyme. And I didn’t think they gave enough time to talking about treatment options.

    • I completely agree with you. I think of all the people that they showcased, she may have been the worst. I feel really badly for what she is going through, however for newly diagnosed people (like me), it really scared me and stressed me out. I wondered, if this is how I would be living my life. I know Lyme affects people differently. What Dr. Phil didn’t go into was WHEN she was bitten, how and where and I think there definitely needs to be a followup.

      What other things do you think she had besides the lyme.

    • She said she had Hashimoto’s disease. And it really looked like she was having some pretty harsh tremors that could be associated with her drug use that she’s taking for the disease mixing with some complicated sensitivities while she’s going through the Herx. Also, sadly.. she is so scared of her condition that she’s freaking herself out and having terrible panic attacks.

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