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Weekly Wrap up and My New Sauna

This week was the introduction of the first drug NYSTATIN. So on day 3 at night, my butt got handed to me. I don’t think I’ve felt that overwhelming type of nauseousness since I was pregnant. It was absolute misery. It kept waking me up while I was trying to drift to sleep. But I slept throughout the night sitting up. The next day I was semi-fine.

I don’t know if it’s because of the right foods I’m now eating, and the thousands of supplements I’m on, but the good news is that I noticed that these episodes don’t last long. Before the nausea, earlier that afternoon, I went to my Chiro and he asked how I was and I responded “Right now at this moment, I’m really good, but who knows what will happen in the next 5 min.” Ain’t that the truth!

Well, we decided to purchase the Infrared Sauna (See my earlier post here). My hubby helped me set it up today. I was too scared to christen it due to my earlier experience, but eventually I will need to or else I would have thrown away $1600. But it is really cool. You can plug your iPhone/iPod directly into it and listen to your music. It even has psychedelic lights. Which I’m sure will speed up the dizziness factor.

{Excuse the surroundings. Such a beautiful piece of work situated in an unfinished basement. We are planning on renovating our basement this summer, so it will look much better, but right now I need to prioritize our finances!}


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