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Chicken Pox and Lyme

So about 3 weeks ago, I took my little 5 year old to get his 3rd dose of the Chicken Pox Vaccine.

Chicken Pox has always been in the back of my mind. I’ve never had it and I’m 37. I hear it’s very bad if adults get it. Mind you, I’ve had the vaccine when I was 4. But that was also in another country. I also hear that they expire either 13 or 20 years. I’m not sure on that either.

So I asked my son’s pediatrician if I can be tested to see if I was immune. I did a simple blood test. 2 weeks later, the doc calls and says “Your test is negative.” “HOORAY!” I yelled. Wait. Negative means Bad. I was just so use to Negative being GOOD.

So I booked an appointment to go and get my shot.

Then 3 hours later it dawned on me. Should I be injecting another live virus in me when I’m already battling with another bacteria? I scoured google seeing interactions on meds, how it would affect my system etc. Finding nothing, I emailed my LLMD to get an opinion. I was advised that even if I get the vaccination, there is no guarantee that I will actually develop an immunity to it. Also, it was perceived that most patients are ok with it, but ones that got the flu shot weren’t. I was also told that there was no contraindication for having the shot while on the meds, but to please check with my doctor. Well, I know how that would go so I said forget it.

So another avenue where I could get my Lyme questions answered was through my weekly webinar with an LLMD. I asked this LLMD his thoughts. He didn’t advise that I get it because he believes it may suppress my immune system and that the cons of actually getting Chicken Pox far outweigh getting the vaccination while with Lyme and treatment. Also mentioned again was that those who get the flu shot don’t do pretty well.

So I guess this answers my question. And here is the lesson of this blog. Don’t get the flu shot.


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3 thoughts on “Chicken Pox and Lyme

  1. You are right. My LLMD told me to avoid all vaccines. I used to get the Flu vaccine and never knew before being dignosed that they are not good. You can still get Chicken Pox, HHV1 and Shingles…so on since they live in the body and attck when the immune system is weak. I already had Chicken Pox. Not fun.

  2. Late comment on this one (I actually thought I had left a comment?!), but I got the chicken pox (varicella) when I was 25 and pregnant, but lyme-free at that time. Now that I have Lyme, there is no way I will get any type of viral immunization – it’s just a hunch that it will trigger a nasty response from Lyme and not take hold in my system. My internist also said not to get the Flu shot (and I didn’t get it for most of the years I worked in pediatrics because, even though I worked with kids, I didn’t feel I was in the high-risk group. At least that’s what I told myself and I let my office think that I had received it. I worry a lot about getting shingles where I had the chicken pox so late, but I’m not getting that vaccine either. I will get my tetanus every ten years and the others that may come up, I will think about.

    • yes I’m glad I made the decision NOT to get the vaccine. I’ve never gotten the flu shot either… we don’t believe in it, but we did the get little one vaccinated just in case.

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