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Minimizing Die-Off with Curcumin

I went ahead and purchased Meriva (Curcumin) made by Thorne Research. I was told that would minimized die-off reactions. I haven’t started this yet, I will next week. If I have any adverse reactions, I will let you know, although how can I really tell which pill is making me feel off if I’m popping 22 a day right now.

Anyways, yesterday was quite eventful. I went back in to Dr. Mute Dentist to repair for the SECOND time, an infection from a root canal I had 3 years ago. So apparently, there was a fragment (of what, I don’t know), that was stuck in my gum which wasn’t allowing me to heal. DUH, if you had investigated this 2 months ago when I was complaining and not send me home with another bottle of Amoxicillian, perhaps you could have spared me 2 months of pain.

On a brighter note, I did my 3rd round of Infrared Sauna today this week. From the way I see it, I’ve save $90 this week from going into a clinic. And I’m at 45 minutes now in the Sauna no prob and feel really good after.

The Plaquenil/Hydroxycholoroquine added this week had really no effect on me so far. Just minor tingling here and there, joint pain here and there, tremors here and there etc, but nothing to write home about.

Next week, I will add the 3rd Antibiotic Zithromax. Wish me luck!


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One thought on “Minimizing Die-Off with Curcumin

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