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The Importance of Probi-what?

At a Christmas party in 2011, still having no idea what was wrong with me, and having the suspicion that I was somehow dying, I pulled a friend aside into a room and confided in her about all the stuff that was going on with me while the music was blaring. Not knowing she was a lover of everything natural and hemeopathy, she typed up for me a list of what I should be eating, what supplements to take and also came over the next week with some probiotics. I’m like what is that? She stared at me like I was from the moon. “YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF PROBIOTICS?”

Fast forward to now, and I can’t imagine my life WITHOUT them. So with that said, I have shown here (on the right side), a very expensive bottle of the Probiotic (about $50 for 60 capsules) that my LLMD has required me to take. I take one at the end of each meal (3x a day). The Saccharomyces Boulardii (shown on the left) is also a must at guarding against Clostridium Difficile. Something you DON’T want to get which can be possible being on so many antibiotics. This is also taken at the end of each meal (3X a day), however, I alternate them daily. So one day is the Probiotic, then the other day is the Saccharomyces Boulardii.


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