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Pill Boxes and Craziness Part Deux

No seriously. I think I’m crazy. I think my house will be exploding with pill boxes in the near future. I think my dreams will no longer be of Lyme, but with purple and blue pill boxes coming to kill me in my sleep. But they are so pretty and keep things so organized that I can’t help but click “add to cart”.

While I was writing my post here on virtual pill boxes this morning, the familiar ringing of the doorbell broke my thoughts. I say familiar because the Mail Woman rings the door like someone is on fire. AHA! I knew what it was. It was my new pill boxes that I ordered from Hong Kong! How ironic this was.

The store I got them from is usually where we buy all our iPhone gadgets. I thought I would just search Pill Box. Why not, it’s free shipping! It was a no brainer. And there it was. This magical set of pill boxes. I bought 2. Why? Because I could take each out of the compartment and carry them in my purse. Better this or carrying that other huge one like a kitchen sink. Is that a bowling ball in your purse? Um no Sir, it’s just my pill box.

Here’s the problem though like with any other pill box. It only has 4 compartments for the day. Seriously, I should come up with my own pillbox and have EIGHT a day. That would cover every 2 hours.


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