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Plum Island Conspiracy

I’ve heard this conspiracy theory before. I admit that I am not surprised. Do I believe it? Probably. For all you conspiracy theorists out there, this is for you. It argues that Lyme was manufactured as a Bio Weapon on the mysterious Plum Island. The government is denying this yada yada. Surprise.

All I can say is this, and it doesn’t take an expert to figure this out: Plum Island is VERY close to New York. Do a quick google search for “lyme disease map” and click on the images. Where is the most prevalent cases? I must note that I find it rather humorous that Canada is NEVER on these maps. It’s like the ticks/mosquitoes/spiders/fleas get stopped at the border because they forgot their passports.



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4 thoughts on “Plum Island Conspiracy

  1. Reblogged this on Bloody Lymey and commented:
    Lymed Out has a great blog. I get a lot of “search engine terms” about government conspiracies, so I’m reposting this because it’s obviously highly of interest and also because it’s a great blog!

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