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Weekly Wrap up + a giveaway for you

I was hesitant in giving an update because honestly, last week, I felt pretty good for the majority of the time and had nothing worthy to write. But then I stopped myself and realized that this in itself is a testimonial. Too numerous a times, when scouring the internet, I find that many comments are negative about Lyme, like “Hi, I’m 14.258 months into treatment and still feeling like crap.” This discourages the reader. I hate seeing posts like this. I wish people who had successful treatments post too, but they are so probably done with Lyme, that they just want to live their lives. And they should. And this is so true. I remember when I had to take my gallbladder out, it was the same old forums of people complaining. I had a successful gallbadder surgery and so I went on with my life and never looked back to the forums again. So that is why I think it is important for those of us that have successful treatments to just come out and say “Hi, I’m better. You can get through this. You WILL get through this. Here is what I did.”

Of course, I did have symptoms last week, but nothing that totally destroyed my day. Yes, I sometimes dwell on my symptoms and when I do this, I start to feel really panicky and start to get anxious and depressed. I soon learned that I need to take a break from Lyme and just get on with other things. I have stopped frequenting the message boards and forums like I do facebook. I even deleted it off my bookmark so I wouldn’t be tempted to quickly go to that link.

So to re-iterate, I am now on Nystatin, Plaquenil, Zithromax, and today, I introduced Doxycycline. Besides this, I am also taking enough supplements to drown myself in. So last week with the introduction of Zithromax, the annoying symptoms were (and I’m looking at my symptoms chart that my LLMD gave to me)

  • bathroom issues (which went away after a few days thank the heavens)
  • nausea
  • ear ringing and pressure
  • I also had one night of bad anxiety/depressed/hopeless state, but that went away. This is by far the most discouraging and scary symptom. And I must re-iterate SYMPTOM.

Today, I did not go downtown with hubby. My state is too unpredictable. Instead, I went to a kitchen store and bought myself some new cutting boards and knives, which was a lot closer to home. My energy this week has been good. I organized our pantry, our bathroom cupboards and my closet. I am starting to research more on healthy eating. My Lyme buddy has been working on some great recipes for us, and one thing she uses as a staple in her house is Coconut Oil. So a few weeks ago, I went out and bought it. It’s so yummy! She told me to use it just like butter so that’s what I do. I cook with it, saute with it, spread it over my toast, etc. There are so many benefits to using Coconut Oil, just do a quick google search, you will see. When you buy it, make sure it’s ORGANIC.

Things that I learned this week:

  • just because it says Gluten free, doesn’t mean that it is yeast free.
  • learned to read food labels. I now skim to the part that says Sugar (which should be a big fat ZERO) and the ingredients section where it says yeast. If it has any of these two, I put it back on the shelf. (at least I try)
  • my LLMD said that I can eat the Ezekiel 4:9 bread. I bought it and loved it. Then I was told that this had yeast in it. UGH! I went out and then bought this other bread with no yeast. It tasted like a mushed up piece of brick. Needless to say, I am going back to the Ezekiel. My motto is “everything in moderation.”
  • I cheated and had a bite sized chocolate chip cookie. And some take out Teriyaki Chicken.

And something for you:

<< Daily Symptoms Chart Download >>

My modified downloadable symptoms chart for you to monitor your symptoms. Yes some may think it is going overboard to chart daily symptoms, but I think this is detrimental to seeing progress. Just enter in the month and the days and you symptoms. It will average it to the week. This will show you the patterns of your Lyme and perhaps let you predict what might happen. For women, it maybe helpful to even colour the dates red when your cycle comes. For me, usually my symptoms flare when this happens.


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap up + a giveaway for you

  1. Nice to see something with a positive slant. 🙂 I will say that Lyme has done a lot for me. I work with people with disabilities now and never would have understood their needs prior to this. I’ve a deeper level of compassion and empathy that I couldn’t have had. I learned life skills such as getting off the pity pot and accepting help that I would so freely give – and that it isn’t a crime. There have been plenty of gifts – if I’m in the right frame of mind, and I admit I’m not. I’ve also noticed on message boards that sometimes during bouts of doing well, people sometimes begrudge that. It’s subtle sometimes. There was a lady I know who helped me tremendously and after a couple of months of “doing well,” it was clear I had some kind of remission – and it lasted ten months. She stopped talking to me. Honestly, I can’t imagine begrudging someone their health just because I can’t have mine. And I’ve been there. Anyway – nice blog. You gave me much to think about.

    • Thank Becki for your words of encouragement… that is definitely terrible. I can’t imagine that either… I love to see success stories. Makes me look forward to that day when I will be one of them!

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