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Babesia came and said Hi.

Now that I’ve managed to semi crawl out of the hole that I was in for 2 days, I’m feeling much better. I wouldn’t say it was 2 days full of herxes. But just enough herx to make me lie on the couch for a good while. Then I would feel better, do something, then back on the couch. I think it is rather predictable now. I know this is my Lyme cycle week. I know I also started the Doxy this week. Both together does not equal a good equation.

How do I feel when a herx pays me a vist? I get really dizzy. I get body vibrations and minor tremors. I get pins and needles in my face. I feel nauseous. I lose my appetite. I get ravenously hungry. My joints become inflamed. I have night sweats. I close the drapes. I turn the volume to low. My ears are ringing. All this while I have my 5 year old spinning his hotwheels all over the place.

Things I did the past 2 days:

  • worked a little bit
  • went and got that stupid printer
  • took a walk around the block today in this beautiful sunshine weather with my 5 year old on his bike. Forgot about the Doxy and the possible burning of the skin.

Something interesting I read earlier on was a doctor noting that it shouldn’t be called Lyme. It should be called Babesia and Bartonella with co-infections of Lyme. I thought this was really quite accurate.

On a brighter note, I made myself a smoothie. I didn’t care if it had 15 grams of sugar or whatever the sugar content is.

Blueberry + Banana Smoothie

♥ 1 cup of frozen blueberries
♥ 1 banana
♥ 2 cups of coconut milk
♥ 1 tsp of vanilla

Instructions: Blend the living crap out of it.
Warning: It WILL taste bland. But better than rice crackers.


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