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Full Moon

Guess what tonight is. It’s the full moon. Do you know what this means? It means your Lyme symptoms will come out and play. So guess what I did. I googled all the full moon occurrences for the rest of the year and programmed it in one of my iPad apps.

I forgot all about my programming until my little guy said to me 20 minutes ago while driving home: “Mommy! look at the moon!” Then it dawned on me. The past week explains it all. My symptoms flew at me like some wild bat out of hell. I also finished Aunt Flo which is also known to occur around the full moon. Geez, what we women go through!!!

I remember one time a famous comic writer asking for ideas on a comic. I thought up a great one but I think my suggestion got buried somewhere in his email due to the thousands of submissions. It went something like this:

Week 1: Woman is on cycle (feels like crap)
Week 2: Woman is free
Week 3: Woman is ovulating (feels like crap)
Week 4: PMS (feels like crap)

So that means that technically we have only 1 week out of the month that is semi ok, which equals to only 12 weeks out of the year, which really means that 9 months out of the year, we feel like complete crap. Now, you throw Lyme into the mix and you multiply that by 1000. And you might as well fill that week 2 with “Feels like crap”. And that would explain why we are in lovely moods all the time.

What about you? Do your symptoms get worse during the full moon?


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