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I nearly killed my husband

My husband’s work allows him access to many cool freebies. I haven’t seen him much last week due to his schedule (which sucked because I was completely lymedout last week). So when he came home, he came home with some presents (for me and my 5 year old – maybe more for him).

The above picture was one of them.

I’m not a cake lover (especially if it has thick fondant on it), so at first glance, I thought, this is easy to stay away from. Then I’m thinking, there’s no way we can finish this, so I started to cut it to give some to neighbours. As I sliced it, a rich creamy, fluffy, light as a feather red texture appeared. Um hello! RED VELVET!

I walked to my husband with the knife in tow. I said in the most calming loving wife voice that I’ve ever had while wielding the long knife, “You know I love you and I’m incredibly grateful for this gift you brought home and I’m really glad to see you because you have been away all week. But this is the last time in a LONG time, that you are allowed to bring anything that remotely has sugar in it, into this house.”

I went back to cutting the cake. I lifted the box. I saw something worse. Splattered across from it was the very well known logo, a prominent high end restaurant in Downtown Toronto where they charge an average of $100 a plate. And he got this cake for free.

Was I upset? OH YA. Guess what I did. I took a sliver. When I mean sliver, It was less than half my pinky. It tasted like heaven. I thought to myself anything more than this is not worth it. IT IS NOT WORTH IT!

I then cut the cake in half. Gave that to my mom. Cut it again in 2 quarters, gave one to my neighbour. What’s left is a tiny quarter for my hubby and my son. Am I mean? Maybe. But right now is NOT the time to mess with me! With all his well meaning, it has to be a family effort.

I still love him dearly.


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2 thoughts on “I nearly killed my husband

  1. OHHHHH red velvet. If there were 0 consequences for my food-consuming actions, it would be pizza and cake ALL the time. LOL. Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. UM YA! Thanks Becki… feeling sooo much better today. Worked almost a full 8 hours.

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