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Update: Pass the pennies, not the salt

Happy Tuesday! Firstly, welcome to all my new readers! I can’t believe how many friends have came and said hello since I started this Lyme blog about 3 weeks ago. (although technically it started out many years ago, but I had maybe 4 hits for all those years!) I try to make this blog half serious, half witty and a whole lot of fun. We need fun in our lives right now. So welcome, and hope you enjoy.

As for the title of this particular post, I had other titles in mind. Like, “Will this diarrhea ever end?”, or “I think my bowels are screwing with me“. But I played it safe, there’s a reason I’m semi-anonymous. (Just to let you know, NONE of my family know about this blog, not even my hubby). Why? I guess it’s my own little secret, a place where I can share my thoughts and feelings without worrying about what to write or be judged writing it.

Why the title? Well, lately, it seems like I’ve been chewing on copper. That’s what my mouth feels like. It’s so bad, that when I am talking to my little guy, he says “Mommy your breath stinks!” And then he runs away.

I know this one of the many symptoms of our dear friend Mr. Lyme. At first, I thought it was due to my GERD, but I don’t think so. It’s awful, but what can you do.

So, an update on my well being. A week ago, I was passed out on the couch. That kind of lingered on for another couple days. I started to feel better by the weekend. And then by Monday, I don’t even think the word Lyme entered my brain. That’s how good I felt. So for the past few days, I have been really good……. and now you can enter the BUT.

BUT, what I noticed ever since introducing the doxy, is that the bowel movements haven’t been kind. I was actually a bit scared of C. Diff. But I couldn’t possibly have that because it doesn’t fit the description (I will spare you the details). What I do know is that it only happens in the morning and when I eat something that is “dairy-like”. Like if I add almond milk to my gluten free cereal, or if I have eggs (I usually like this sunny side up). If I eat just a plain Ezekial 4:9 toast, I’m semi ok and don’t have to run to the bathroom.

I also noticed that within an hour of taking my 6 or so antibiotics, I will feel the effects, like nausea and this semi dizzy drunk feeling. This only lasts between 1-2 hours and then it passes. It gets better though every day. Well, that’s about it! This is good news I guess!?

If I ever knew I would be talking intimately about my breath and bowels to a potential 6 billion people, I never would have believed it.


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5 thoughts on “Update: Pass the pennies, not the salt

  1. vlb on said:

    Don’t worry
    I too was imaculately groomed and now I suffer from the body and mouth odor that I find embarrasing and discusting
    Thanks for starting your blog though..I am in hell at the moment so look forward to it.
    Hopr hell does go away though.

  2. I had HORRIBLE halitosis for a while. It was disgusting! I would brush my teeth, floss, rinse with mouthwash, and after five minutes ….. I’d need to pop gum in my mouth. I wish I knew then some remedies for it. I remember working someone with the kind of bad breath that you’d smell on the phone if you used it after him or you’d smell him in the room after he left – and I was SO judgmental. Then it happened to me and I couldn’t help it! The cause of it for me is that I have hypothyroid (Lyme caused it – it’s the autoimmune kind) and my specialist said that Lyme can counter the effects of synthroid, so I was basically ACUTELY malnourished because my body couldn’t metabolize calcium, vitamin C, and other things a healthy mouth & teeth need. It was horrible. HORRIBLE. Thank God it passed. Rinsing with epsom salts has helped me when it periodically rears its ugly head.

    • When you say rinsing with Epsom salts, do u mean in your mouth? I thought epsom salts weren’t supposed to be consumed? lol. I am just hoping my 5 year old notices it and not anyone else. Now you are making me paranoid! I asked my hubby last night and he said he didn’t notice anything. Maybe he was just being nice.

    • vlb on said:

      you actually have a specialist who believes in the horrible effects of Lyme
      Lucky you..all my specialists just think I am over reacting.
      Where is your holistic practicioner lacated if I may ask.
      Haven’t tried epsom salts in the mouth but in the bath it burns my skin??

  3. Epsom salts are actually a “saline laxative” (if swallowed in water) – and there’s directions for that on any box/bag of them, so it’s their intended use and not just me trying strange things. 🙂 I dilute some in water and swish, swish, swish! It also relieves the metallic taste in my mouth sometimes. Don’t be paranoid. When my breath was bad, I KNEW it. Flossing even reaked. I think you would know if it was as bad as mine had been. LOL. They’re also talking about Sjogren’s for me and I read an article about the metallic taste and it has to do with dryness of the mouth and electrolytes. It might be a Lyme thing, too.

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