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Recipes for Repair

I walked into our bedroom and found this. Sitting like that. Opened. Tempting me, saying “Take a bite of me, you will feel so good!” I resisted the urge and proceeded to go again to my husband and start a calm but intense screaming match like this one. I took this picture to deliberately tempt you. I’m telling you that you don’t need this.

Today, in a rush yet again from running errands with a child reminding me every 47 seconds that he was hungry, I had no choice but to get Wendy’s as per suggestion from my husband. I in turn got some sushi. We get home and I couldn’t resist the urge. I took one fry from my little guy’s stash. My immediate reaction. GROSS! It tasted like I was eating a stick of salt.

Being on a gluten free, yeast free, sugarless diet for the past month or so have really changed my taste buds. For the better I must say. I do not miss that fast food. When I think about it, I think poison. Poison that I shouldn’t be feeding my family.

While in my quest to find tasty food for me to eat and not be succumb to bland tasteless food for the rest of my life, I came across this book called Recipes for Repair. It is written for people with Lyme, however there’s a big honking disclaimer right on the front that says “Not Just for Lyme Disease! Also perfect for people with other chronic inflammatory illnesses, autoimmune conditions or food sensitives.So I ordered it here.

When I got the book in the mail, it was smaller than I envisioned, but I fell in love with it. It is so beautifully organized and every recipe in there looks so yummy and tasty. Moreover, the recipes are EASY! AND each recipe tells you whether it’s gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegetarian or low sugar. It even tells you how to make your own Ghee butter and Mayonnaise. Infact, right now as we speak, I have some salmon marinating in my fridge for tonight from one of their salmon recipes. I can’t wait to taste it.

I must say it’s overwhelming enough to try to feed yourself, let alone your family. When you are sick. With Lyme. And to cook healthy. Who has time and energy for this? My husband has been tremendous support, however in the area of food, I am trying to turn our family around to eating healthy. It has to be a conscious effort on everyone’s part. I, unfortunately have been placed in this situation. I have no choice BUT to eat healthy.

So next time you see some fries, or hotdogs, or pizza, don’t be discouraged. Be glad you aren’t poisoning your body.

To end this post, I found this great link that explains what I am talking about straight from the horses mouth.


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