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I have processed 1556 pills in 2 months

A couple weeks ago, I was speaking with a friend of mine who said that they were on a 2 week cleanse. I can tell by the phone conversation that they weren’t their usual chirpy self. “Sorry, I am a bit crusty, this just sucks because I’m hungry and I have to take this pill everyday and I have to take this nasty drink.”

Some responses ran through my head, but I bit my tongue:

  • “I invite you to live a day in my life.”
  • “Have you tried the Candida Detox Cleanse? Because that requires you to drink water, oil and sand for 30 days. Which I have done and will gladly do again and again.”
  • “Try eating things that have no sugar, no yeast, and no gluten. Do that for 1-5 years and possibly the rest of your life. Then ask yourself if you would rather do the 2 week cleanse.”
  • “In 2 months, I have eaten 1556 pills. I haven’t even scratched the surface. Now 14 pills in the span of 2 weeks doesn’t seem a whole now huh?”

The moral of the story is, how badly do you want to feel better? When I think back the past 2 years, I remember when I went to see the Chinese Homeopath. I was expecting my treatment to be for 3 days. The treatment lasted for 2 months. Oh how I laugh about that now. I kept saying to the Chinese Doctor, “I don’t have money to keep spending $70 a week for these Chinese Herbs.” Of course, the Chinese philosophy is all about good fortune and health. She replied to me: “You cannot work until your health is better.”

In the grand scheme of things, 2 months now seems to be a walk in the park. $70 a week seems to be a dream. You are never prepared for this. So the lesson I learned here is to look at things differently. I was always a glass is half empty sort of person. I am beginning to look at things a little more positively.

I am not sure if this is an equal comparison, but it’s like comparing it to loved ones who live in poverty. They are such a humble people because they have nothing. When you have Lyme, your first response is to feel upset and angry, not only at the disease itself, but at the lack of support from the Government. Then, you are brought into the low levels of despair and you feel completely lost. Will this end? There are good days and bad days. You will pull yourself out of it.

That’s the gift that Lyme gave me. It has made me humble because I have been brought to one of the lowest points of my life. Have I been pulled out? Right now, I feel like I have. I can most certainly say it has made me change my attitude and I am completely grateful for all the things in my life right now.


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2 thoughts on “I have processed 1556 pills in 2 months

  1. Wow that is a lot.

    How are you feeling lately?


  2. hanging in there! lol

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