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Introducing our Good Friend, Flagyl

Firstly, Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies out there. My gift was that my mom took the little guy over for the night so that my face wouldn’t be trampled on at 7:30 am.

My hubby made me gluten free pancakes out of some box and put some mashed bananas in it. I also had maple syrup and beans. (cue gasp)

Ok a little melodramatic, but someone sent this quote to me last year and I couldn’t stop laughing. However it was a nervous semi pretend laugh. Because I was living this statement. As I’m sure you were too.

Highlights of last week:

  • I felt pretty darned good minus the frequent morning bathroom trips which I am certain are due to the antibiotics.
  • Forgetting to chart my daily symptoms is good because I’ve been feeling so great that I forget about Lyme.
  • My ears have this non stop ringing. When there is silence, it’s absolutely deafening. What I noticed is that if I have sound around me, the TV going, the humidifier humming, this breaks that ringing.
  • I’ve been doing the sauna for 45 min every other day.
  • I ate a couple of skittles here and there.

Highlights of this week:

  • Starting Flagyl. This will be pulsed 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. This is the last set of antibiotics to be added. Flagyl is supposed to attack the cyst form of Lyme. I hear that many people cannot tolerate this and some even start with a SLIVER of a pill. So with that said, I’m going to start off with 1/4 of a pill and work my way up to 1. My LLMD even has a disclaimer (see below)
  • My birthday is on Wednesday. This means that I will be on the 3rd day of Flagyl which could potentially have catastrophic herx results. This is awesome.

Here are the instructions:

Take with vitamin B6- 50 mg 1 pill twice a day to prevent neuropathy, which can occur while on this medication. It is best, if you are on Doxycycline to try to take this 1 hour before or 2 hours after the Doxycycline. Flagyl does not mix with alcohol and this would include homeopathic and herbal medications with an alcohol base, though some have taken this without a problem. NOTE: If you cannot tolerate the medication for a full 2 weeks, then take every week for 3 consecutive days. If you cannot tolerate this take just 1 a day, If you cannot tolerate this start at 1/4th tablet a day and increase slowly on 3 consecutive days a week.

I welcome any comments about your experience with Flagyl!


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2 thoughts on “Introducing our Good Friend, Flagyl

  1. Oh dear, I had a bad anti B experience with Flagyl once, I wasn´t taking them for the same reason you are though. I think I had every single side effect listed, incl tachycardia and anxiety attacks, was in bed for the whole week. Just seeing the name now made me cringe… It gets the job done though, I hope it will do the same for you.

  2. Everyone reacts differently to medications. Flagyl is strong, and can be hard on your system. I didn’t have horrible side-effects, but just didn’t feel the greatest. I was tired, and had a little bit of a weird taste in my mouth. I was on it daily for 3 months. However, my liver enzymes went berzerk! I had to stop after the 3 months, and I’m taking supplements from my naturopath now to support my liver. The enzymes are coming back down, thankfully. Whew! Be careful not to wear any perfume, either, as it is alcohol based.

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