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Random Friday Rant

Well that was a fun task this morning. I warned Husband that I will be heading to the bathroom and please do not disturb and do not, under any circumstances, let the 5 year old enter just incase he gets all wild and knocks something over. I did my business and was done within 5 minutes. Went downstairs, and Husband says “Done already?” I’m like, “You are talking to an expert in this field! Of course I’m done!”

So after hosing down my bathroom in a hazmat suit and bleach, I showered, dropped of the 5 year old at my moms and then dropped off the specimen to the clinic, acting a little skittish.

So that was my morning.

Some thoughts rose in my head regarding Lyme:

For the area of Healing, I think one of the biggest things that is hindering us is the fact that we don’t have support. While we do have our LLMD’s, Naturopaths, Homeopaths and the like, you really don’t have the “Governing Authority” stamp of approval. But do we really need them other than to sign stuff?

Let’s compare this to a broken leg (and there is no comparison, but for the sake of illustration). If we broke our leg, we go to the doctor. We get acknowledgement of a broken leg. They treat it. We give no second thoughts about it other than the pain. We are done and healed depending on how bad the situation is.

Now switch that scenario with Lyme. Do you think that our healing would be faster if Lyme was acknowledged? For me, 50% of my stress was the journey to get the diagnosis, and now to maintain that diagnosis through Medical Doctors whom I need for support. For us, I think that alot of our healing is within our minds. And that is what has been taken away from us.

Imagine Canada filled with Doctors who agree that Chronic Lyme exists. Do you wonder if this would help speed up our recovery? There would be nothing to worry about other than getting better! Now I don’t want to ruffle any feathers here, but it seems like some (and I am not saying you!) are spending way too much time trying to prove its existence when one should concentrate on healing. Of course, there is a need for awareness, but what can you do.

And why is it really that the Governing Bodies don’t believe in Chronic Lyme? So let’s say someone was infected and didn’t get diagnosed in the 30 days. What is it that they have? A sudden onset of arthritis at the age of 25? IDIOTIC! But really, WHY don’t they believe it?

  • Is it because they don’t want to be paying for our health care? But they aren’t since our insurance companies or our own pockets are paying for it? Sorry if you could shed some light here for me, I would love it.
  • Is it because they don’t want to acknowledge that it could have been a conspiracy of a manufactured bio-weapon?
  • Is it because some people have died due to complications long term antibiotics?

Nobody really cares about your health other than you and God. This is my suggestion for you regarding Medical Doctors who couldn’t care less about you. Use them. That’s all about what you can do. Do your research. Just like in the case with the possibility of C. Diff, I didn’t even bother telling my story, I was more like, “Hi, I need a C. Diff test kit, or Hi, I need a Brain MRI, or Hi, I need a Colonoscopy” (And I gotten all these tests by simply asking point blank). Just get this stuff DONE. We live in Canada, these things are free. And that’s to our advantage.

One other pet peeve that I have with our doctors (not LLMD’s) is that they put you on Antibiotics without even mentioning the word Probiotics or S. Boulardii. Why is that? Maybe they want you to get a case of C. Diff, making you come back, spending more money on your health care and be in “constant treatment”. Why are some of the closest people I know asking me “What are Probiotics?” Better yet, why have I not even heard of the word Acidophilus until December of 2011? The bottom line is to build up your immune system, eat healthy, and other than that, there is no use for Medical Doctors because they have blinders on. If it doesn’t fit the textbook description, they will pass you off or think you are crazy.

Anyway, I have gone completely off tangent here and I have no idea how to get back, so with that said, I’m going to just sign off.

Thanks for listening, Friday rant over! To all my Canadian Friends, Happy Victoria Day weekend!

P.S. My LLMD emailed me back re: C. Diff
“Double up your probiotics. Make sure you are getting no sugar except from real fruit (no fruit juice). If it persists then do stool for c diff studies.”


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