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One Herx to Rule them All

I totally dedicate this post to the two men who coined this term. Without them, what would be be called? Death Reaction? That’s probably how I would name it.

Well, fitting title for this post because after I signed off happily from my rant last Friday all prepared to enjoy my long weekend with 25 degree weather, the stars decided to pay me back by reuniting me with my bed. ALL WEEKEND.

I did manage to get out once to see fireworks, in between vomiting, feeling like death, eating a quarter of piece of toast all day, amidst trying to keep a conversation with someone and trying not to gag and generally walking around like a zombie.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and I’m scared to say that I am 101.5 pounds. Under any normal circumstances, I would be jumping for joy at the thought of how I would look in a bikini, because my goal weight pre-lyme was to be 110 pounds. I’m not that tall, I’m only 5 foot, and according to the BMI Calculator I’m only 19.8. Which means this is normal. But lower end normal. I just don’t like how I got here. People are already starting to talk. I’ve been told “you are wasting away, you gotta eat”, “OMG you look like a skeleton”. But how do you eat when you have zero appetite?

Well that is what happens to me when a Herx comes. The majority of my issues is upper GI. I have very faint joint pain, and swollen joints, I don’t know what’s worse. Besides this, I feel very dizzy and just generally really fatigued and brain dead. Sometimes I even question myself if I have lyme. Everyone’s symptoms seems to be joint and arthritis. Mine isn’t, but I do get it, just not on a massive scale. But what brings me back to the lyme world is the body buzzing. Like a bunch of bees in my body buzzing faintly. This is a classic symptom.

Well, today is Tuesday and I’m back but still feeling the lingering effects. My appetite has slightly come back and I was able to make some butternut squash soup (don’t yell at me for the carbs), and some banana fritters for my little guy that I can only drool over by watching him eat it.

Gross things I’ve noticed – please advise

  • Green/white/brown tongue – please, if someone can shed some light here, help me out. Is this a result of the meds? or flagyl? or yeast? I’m on nystatin and probiotics, so what is this?
  • My mouth has gone from metal taste to something foreign and alien like. I was tempted to cut my tongue off, but didn’t think that was a great idea, so I brushed it like it was on fire.

Possible reasons for my herx this weekend

  • Doubled up on Doxy (now it’s 2 pills, 2 x a day)
  • Started Flagyl and upped to 1 pill, 2 x a day
  • Started my monthly cycle

Everything just aligned and as a result, it turned catastrophic. What else could you expect. I was tempted to stop the meds for one day but my lyme buddy said not to or she will come and cut off my hair. I must say that the last time I barfed was on March 28, 2011. That was well over a year ago. I know this because I rarely barf. And it was from the ever so famous lasagna that my mother in law made to which my husband cheekily says to me after the barf episode, “What a waste of a lasagna.” Then he gave me a big hug. And I wiped my mouth on his shirt.

I really really hate vomiting. I loathe it. But this time I couldn’t hold it. The actual vomiting was only 3 seconds, but I felt really good after. My husband loves throwing up. He yelled at me last time for giving him pepto. He says he feels free once it all comes out. I don’t know, but I will take all sorts of medication to keep it down. I even drove half an hour in traffic to get ginger candy. But that didn’t work because when I popped it in my mouth, I threw up about 3 minutes later.

Well, I’m back from the dead now and hopefully I will stay here for another 2 weeks.

I apologize for the grossness of this post.


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3 thoughts on “One Herx to Rule them All

  1. Well it is no surprise to me that you had a big herx!!! What a combination of things at the same time. I have been advised by my LLMD to go off meds for a couple of days if a herx gets really bad. Something to consider. He says that it does NOT affect the overall treatment. Don’t forget to drink lots of lemon water, and take epsom salts baths. I never tried this, but maybe activated charcoal would help with the detox. As for the tongue, does it stay white when you brush? If it’s yeast, then brushing won’t really matter apparently. The white will come back. And the bad taste is most certainly from the Flagyl. I hope things will improve for you very soon.

  2. Michelle on said:

    Hi there,

    I am a newbie to lyme (I’m Canadian. )…still don’t think I have it as I have read some horror stories but when I read your story I could relate. I too only have very minor body pain and I think that’s why I sometimes doubt that I have it . My main issue has been fatigue on and off for years but used to just push myself to do things. I loved to run and tried to get out as much as I could but now have not been able to do that for at least five years. Everything seemed to fall apart at once…….diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroid disease and then later when still very fatigued my dr in Toronto, who is an absolute saint, diagnosed me with stage 3 adrenal fatigue. after treatment for that,I still had lingering fatigue, brain fog and then earlier this year stated getting dizzy and eye pain. I have seen a LLMD, possibly the same one as you and when the nurse went through my history, things that had kind of seemed insignificant at the time ie feet sore in the morning……. just thought it was age, clammy sweats for years, mostly at night and never really thought about it and diagnosis of interstitial cystitis because I would get these attacks of a VERY sudden urge to urinate and literally had to cross my legs and bend over so I wouldn’t wet myself……again, I just thought it was because I was getting older. The Lyme Dr told me that Lyme loves the bladder. I have just started my treatment and felt good for a few days, more productive and actually wanted to do things rather than having to really push myself to do them. I’m now having a few days of dizziness, weakness and slight nausea……I hate vomiting too and will do ANYTHING not to, in fact the last time I did was when I had jaundice at age ten…..knocking on wood now and don’t want to jinx myself!

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know, reading your story has kind of helped my deal a bit with the uncertainty and realize that not everyone has the same symtoms.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to blog.

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