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Lyme Buddy

This post is dedicated to my Lyme Buddy. Without having been introduced to her through an equally awesome mutual friend, I wouldn’t have gotten tested through IgeneX. She has been my moral support. She started this Lyme Treatment with me. On the same day. Doing the same exact treatment protocol. Seeing the same LLMD. What are the chances of this? No chances. Only God coincidence. The only thing I am jealous of her right now is the fact that she handled Flagyl better than I.We text and email hundreds of times daily. Good to compare notes on how we are doing. We sometimes chat on the phone for hours. While experiencing my “One Herx to rule them all“, which is still happening as we speak, I think I might have scared her into thinking I was being possessed by a crazy demon.

I woke up to an email from her this morning and I was greeted with this. Thank you for putting this into perspective for me. Love ya!

  • I’m grateful that the Lyme has encouraged me learn how to live a healthier lifestyle
  • I’m grateful that this healthier lifestyle will keep me looking younger… I will soon have better looking skin, tighter fit body
  • I’m grateful that it has shown me the people that love me and the others that I need to remove
  • I’m grateful that I take less for granted
  • I’m grateful that I can see, hear, walk and run
  • I’m grateful I can still snuggle, play and be a mother to my children
  • I’m grateful I can remember and figure things out
  • I’m grateful that I caught this infection early
  • I’m grateful I didn’t have go through this all alone
  • I’m grateful I’m still young and have a long life of good times waiting for me
  • I’m grateful that I am becoming a stronger person

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    What a phenomenal outlook…..

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