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Syonara Flagyl

Well. Here’s an update but pretty much the same as per the last post. I don’t even know where to begin.

  • I started flagyl last week starting at 1/4 pill working my way up to 1 pill by day 5.
  • Day 2, I had the worst extreme nausea known to man
  • Day 2-5, I was ok. I felt pretty good
  • Day 6, nausea again in the morning, fatigued, threw up in evening
  • Day 7, Niagara Falls Hemorrhage showed up, nausea in morning, fatigued all day in bed, at night nausea again
  • Day 7 – present. Ate practically nothing. Didn’t throw up again but very nauseous on and off with no appetite but still hungry. It was the worst feeling ever stomach wise. Lost another 3 pounds.
  • Got concerned and emailed LLMD. Was told to stop the Flagyl and get some Grapefruit Seed Extract (this is apparently the brand that Lyme people use. I found this in Canada) and GSE is supposed to treat the Cyst Form as equal as Flagyl.
  • Was told to pulse it as tolerated. It is to be dropped in water or whatever the instructions say.


  • I was able to work a little. This morning I had really bad nausea again, but my appetite is slowly coming back. I am also having vertigo issues and burning pain in legs and arms.
  • I’m a little upset that I couldn’t tolerate the Flagyl. I don’t like to be defeated like that. I have a pretty strong pain threshold. 5 years ago, I managed to get to 6cm dilated without uttering a peep while waiting for an epidural.
  • I’m not sure if what I went through was a herx, or a side effect of Flagyl. Either way, it was not much fun and I don’t want to do that EVER AGAIN.
  • My tongue has turned into this reddish, brown, white being, and I am a little concerned. I booked an appointment with my Lyme Homeopath for Monday.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it was a HERX? or a side effect? Also if you have used GSE, please let me know how well it worked for you.

Positive Note: Flagyl was no skin off my back. It cost me $1.11


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4 thoughts on “Syonara Flagyl

  1. That’s awful! I haven’t met one person who did well with Flagyl. My mother who does not have Lyme has the same reaction when she’s taken Flagyl and her doctor thought it might have been an allergic reaction. I haven’t started taking mine yet!

    I hope the grapeseed oil extract works better for you!

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