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Food Inc.

My beautiful Lyme Buddy and is so knowledgeable in the area of nutrition that she has been slowly schooling me on how food will heal us. At first, I was so concentrated on taking all my pills and vitamins, thinking that was my only cure, that I was being ignorant to what she was trying to scream at me. When she said, “Hey I think I’m going to buy half a grass fed cow”, I thought that maybe she had gone a little cuckoo, I couldn’t grasp what the concept of a grass fed cow meant, let alone buying half of one.

So one night on Netflix, I happened to come upon Food Inc. I have always wanted to watch this but I couldn’t get into it. Now being in the position that I am in, I think food is vital to our healing. My mom use to send me all these spam emails about what to eat, what not to eat, and I would just delete them. Nobody is going to tell me what I can’t eat! But I should have at least read some and kept my mind opened. Yes we hear all the commercials about buying local, about what types of crap they put in our food, but it really didn’t sink in for me. Until Now. I’m even questioning my deodorant.

Well, needless to say this movie is a HUGE eye opener. It’s a really well laid out documentary on where our food comes from. Over the past couple months as I have been researching healthy foods (with my Lyme Buddy as my guide), I’ve learned alot (and still have so much more to learn). I didn’t even know a whole world of other food existed outside my grocery store. We were so used to buying meat and produce from our local chain and not even caring where it came from.

I eventually started looking for farms in my area and was disappointed that I only found one. Well I was wrong. There are plenty, I just didn’t know. I went to a local Farmer’s Market last weekend and picked up a brochure and found a map of all the local farms. I live in an urban town, however 5 minutes north you are right into Farm Land.

So today, driving to my Lyme Homeopath, my mom and I stopped off at the farm that I found but they don’t open until June. Bummer! BUT, we kept driving and found another one, and I bought my first ever grass fed beef and some free range organic eggs. The label is already making me all giddy. They also had free range chicken but they were sold out. My husband is a big meat eater so he is also quite excited about this after watching Food Inc. with me. So, I think we are headed in the right direction. Let’s just hope it stays this way.

Well now my Lyme Buddy is talking about drinking Raw Milk. So much controversy around this issue. I swear nothing with Lyme ISN’T controversial!


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2 thoughts on “Food Inc.

  1. Hi lymed out, I have been on a neuro-biotoxin elimination diet for over 4 years that was published by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker (a great Lyme doc and advocate). My internist requested I follow it and even though I reacted to strongly to the Paleocleanse powder, I followed the diet like a Bible. You can find it on Lance Armstrong’s page even. The basic idea is NO carbohydrates – the only one is corn (corn tortillas are nothing like regular ones, but you get used to them), corn pasta and corn as a veggie. NO cereals, caffeine, sugar, no peanuts or bananas. Fresh salads – yes! Lean meat – yes! No veggies that grow underground so there goes all potatoes, beets, etc. No rice either. Fruits are fine but be careful of sugar content. I don’t do grapes or melons as they have mold from where the vine was and mold is not our friend. In fact, the name of Dr. Shoemaker’s book is Mold Warriors. I have not lost weight and have just recently started to cheat here and there with a cup of coffee or a cookie (yikes). I know for my c3a and c4a protein complement tests that were done one year and then a year later that I had cleansed my body. My c4a went from 24,000 to 976 – that’s amazing. Still inflammed and in constant pain is a bummer, I thought a diet like this would shed pounds, but lyme is still in control.
    I agree with free range eggs and meats but can’t do dairy (sensitive stomach) and would go towards almond milk before RAW milk – but that’s just me. I have not watched the movie and would probably watch it myself even though my husband has been nothing but supportive. It’s like “Under Our Skin”, I had to see it myself – it is my disease and I wasn’t ready to share everything. Wow, I should have just written a blog myself – sorry for the lengthy reply. I would love to know how the prices compare to “organic” food stores. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the tips… I have eliminated most of everything u said above with the exception of bananas… lol (only when I have my flare ups, I have NO appetite and that’s the only thing I can tolerate). The free run eggs were only $3.25 for the dozen and the beef was a cut of prime beef (could feed maybe 2 people) for about $12

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