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Visit to my Lyme Homeopath

Remember in one of my previous posts, my cessation of Flagyl wasn’t really a loss because it only cost me $1.11 our of pocket? Well you can scratch that because I just spent $398 in its replacement.

I think I’ve gone completely off my rocker, because my intention of seeing my Homeopath today was to ensure that I wasn’t going to die from last week’s dose of Flagyl. He assured me that I am not. He most likely believed what I had was one big gigantic mass killing, but again, one never knows if it was really a herx or side effect.

So during the 1.5 hour visit, I explained the festivities of the past week and said the reason I was there was to figure out how to better detox my system while being on this plethora of meds. The good thing about my homeopath is that alot of his clients are also seeing the same LLMD as me, so I guess he knows the drill so to speak. So after the tongue diagnosis and pulse reading, he said nothing really much has changed since the last time I saw him, and this is because of the antibiotics. The discoloration of the tongue is due to the medication, and he said that it is a “damp” environment meaning that for sure Candida has come back to play.

I mentioned that perhaps my reaction to the Flagyl was that probably I reached the dose too fast. He said “Not really, it’s not about how fast you get there, but how well your body expels the dead lyme and dead antibodies.”

So with that said, I walked out with more herbs and supplements which I will explain below.

Left to Right:

  • This digestive enzyme is to be taken as needed before a meal. It will help relieve nausea and such.
  • The Serrapeptase (shown in different doses) are to help break down biofilms/dead bug parts. To be started in doses to reach 3 x day

Left to Right:

  • This is my new vitamin B12. I am to take 3 drops a day. This is awesome because I can scratch one pill off my list
  • Teasel Root – 3 drops, 3x a day. He originally gave me this before as the Lyme Challenge. I wasn’t aware that I was to continually take this. So I am back at it.
  • Cat’s Claw, Dandelion and Astralagus – Again, this was given to me as the Lyme Challenge, however now I am upping the dose gradually to 15 drops, 3x a day. OMG.

This will be my new Probiotic after I finish the one I already have. This has 7 different strains where as the Metagenics one I am taking now only has 2.

I think it’s detrimental to our healing that we see a Naturopath or Homeopath that specializes in Lyme and Nutrition. With homeopathy, it’s about treatment of the individual, not a general template that you apply to each person who is sick. One great thing he told me was that he has seen MANY successes in his practice who are both on antibiotics and homeopathy. Some who catch it early within a year are better between 4-6 months.

He also said how you can really tell if you have success is if you one day get a cold / flu later on (after your treatment), and your old symptoms don’t come back. It will be a “different” kind of flu. Then you know that your lyme is “gone”.

One thing he also mentioned to me is that later on down the road, I may be able to tolerate Flagyl. And how do I know this? When my tongue turns back to a normal healthy pink and when the Candida is under control. And one can do this via spit test to see. But right now, I don’t think I can entertain the thought of Flagyl even if it came up to me in the form of Brad Pitt and asked me on a date to the Oscars.


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3 thoughts on “Visit to my Lyme Homeopath

  1. Ach. Darned supplements/pills, etc. Keep vigilant, my friend! Here’s a funny picture I saw on Lyme Disease One Day at a Time (Facebook):

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