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Bone Broth

My Lyme Buddy kept bringing bone broth into almost each conversation saying that we need to be drinking this because it’s so beneficial to our health. What is bone broth? It’s basically a broth rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. My grandma use to make this when I was really young and I would come home to the fresh smell of bone broth. I miss those days.

I have never made this myself until today. My mom would make it when I was younger as well, but then as I grew up, it became sparse because I started to eat really badly and so the bone broth was never part of my diet. My Lyme Buddy gave me the recipe and it’s really really simple. I researched on how others made their bone broth and came across a site called Nom Nom Paleo. The bone broth recipe I followed is here. I was so impressed with her recipes and website that I bought her iPad app, which is equally as good. I hear that our diet should also be the Paleo Diet.

I had also bought a stack of wide mouth mason jars to store the soup for freezing. This helps me with the days of my flare up when I don’t have the energy to even cut an apple, or worse don’t have the appetite for anything.


  • Bones (I used beef bones. If you can find grass fed beef bones all the better. You can use chicken bones or whatever bones you want)
  • Carrots
  • Onion
  • Some garlic cloves
  • Celery
  • Salt
  • Bay Leaf
  • Water – pour into crock-pot until everything is covered
  • A couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar (I used Raw)
  • Cut up all the veggies and throw everything in and forget about it! When it’s ready, strain it and enjoy!


  • Taking out the Scum: My mom advised me to first heat a pot of boiling water. Then put the bones in until the scum reaches the surface. Take the bones out then and put it in the crock pot
  • I boiled my broth in the crock-pot for about 24 hours on low. Then I drank some for breakfast and after the pot cooled down, I strained it put them in the mason jars. After this, the pot still had all the bones and the carrots etc. So I poured some more filtered water and am letting it boil for another 24 hours to make a second batch.
  • Read up more on the benefits of Bone Broth from Weston Price.

Don’t be overwhelmed. It’s actually as easy as mac and cheese and the concept is really simple. Just throw all the crap in and literally walk away for 24 hours.


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2 thoughts on “Bone Broth

  1. Just throw the crap in and walk away! Thank goodness I have 2 crock pots as I have still not decided on whole juicing idea. I need to look up recipes like you did. I think we all grew up on broth as I clearly remember how much I loved hot chicken or beef broth when I didn’t feel well. Bone broth is much simpler than making a soup from a leftover roast chicken! I can’t have carrots; can I substitute green beans, broccoli, etc. Paleo and detox diet do not allow for me to have anything that grows underground or on a vine. By the way, crap is an under rated word and I’m glad to see it in use. It was my oldest daughter’s first “curse” word around the age of 5 and she still says it with the same gusto. Happy Weekend juicing and brothing, my friend.

  2. Excellent advice. I so have to try that.

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