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Candida, you silly son of a gun.

Just thought I would give a short update on a phone call I just had with my Lyme Homeopath regarding Candida. My concern was that because we are on so many antibiotics, Candida will haunt us to no end. What can we do to keep it at bay?

To monitor your Candida, do the spit test as mentioned in one of my previous posts. If your spit test fails miserably, increase your probiotics, and make sure you are taking S. Boulardii. And he also said that I can add Grapefruit Seed Extract, which is perfect because my GSE is in the mail being shipped to me as we speak (which is to replace Flagyl as per LLMD).


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2 thoughts on “Candida, you silly son of a gun.

  1. bumps in back of tongue? .like 3days ago. my throat felt really dry and my chest was hurtin and i had a weird taste on my throat. so i went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics i started drinkin them and now the back of my tongue has small bump and they bug a little. is like when you suck on a pineapple and ur left with does little things in your tongue. also when i brush they sometimes bleed. im kinda scared b-cuz exactly a week ago i went to the gyno and they said i had a yeast infection it feels like it went away already but i saw the pictures on google and theres a picture of a tongue that really freakd me out.. any advice?

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