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CDC are you serious?

As I have mentioned, I am a huge fan of apocalyptic movies. Especially the zombie ones. I’ve seen every one of them my most favourite being I am Legend, 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead (hilarious!) and the latest for me is The Walking Dead series.

Then I see this. While normally I would be like “yeah! Cool! ”, this time, I’m like “WHAT!$%^&#%^?”

The Government is acknowledging a potential Zombie Apocalypse yet doesn’t acknowledge the existence of Chronic Lyme? They are going as far as to tell us what to do, what to prepare for and how to survive? Who’s smoking what here? Do they not know that Chronic Lyme IS the next Zombie Apocalypse!?

Something to ponder.


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2 thoughts on “CDC are you serious?

  1. Hysterical, as I was just on Amazon or Overstock the other day and they had a page for emergency preparedness items – I didn’t bother looking at it. Maybe I will today. Not a huge fan of horror movies, but I Am Legend was great and Zombieland funny. I keep being asked if I watch The Walking Dead and haven’t yet as there are so many entertaining and teaching/history channels now that we always seem to be watching one of them if it’s not sports. My thought is to incorporate this show into my “lunch hour” of TV as I did to catch up on The Game of Thrones. If I really think Dave would like it, then I might ask him to watch the first one and see what he thinks. Otherwise, it will be my show.
    I don’t know if it’s just our government or others that possibly think this way, but I do think they are using code for LYME as there are plenty of days I feel and appear like a Zombie and days where I want to act like one!

  2. ohhh u need to watch the walking dead! BEST SERIES OUT THERE!!!

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