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OMG, I got an Email.

Many thanks to Becki @ for sending me this pill box picture because that’s how I feel right about now.

I don’t understand the Canadian Medical System. Back around 1994, email first came out nationwide. I know this because I was in my second year of University and we were all required to get an email and at that time, we were like What is That?

So with that said, I don’t understand why 18 years later in this land of technology, why Doctors are still faxing things and calling, and requiring you to make an appointment to get results. About 2 years ago, I had a Celiac Blood Test done by Dr. Cross Examiner. The results were never given to me, which means that it probably came out negative. A few months ago, I called Dr. Cross Examiner’s Idiot Receptionist and asked if she can fax a copy of my results to my LLMD.

Her: “Oh no, we can’t release your results unless that specialist asks for it.”

Me (thinking “ughhh”.) “Ok, I can come and pick them up because I am in the area.”

Her: “Oh, no, you can’t come in, Dr. Cross Examiner has to approve it, and he is not here right now and I can’t give it to you for your own protection.”

Me: “HUH? Um, ok, but I paid for this test, and it belongs to me. I don’t understand, I have my OHIP card which clearly shows my picture, my birthday, my name, my address and proves that whom I am is who I am.”

Her: “I’m sorry it’s for your own protection. I have to ask the Doctor before releasing a copy of the results.”

So basically what Idiot Receptionist is saying is that I can’t have my own records which I paid $80 for because OHIP didn’t cover it and she is doing me a favour by protecting me from my own information.


So, enter now the realm of my LLMD. Her philosophy is that anytime she gets results from anything, it gets IMMEDIATELY released to to the patient. No, not by telephone, not by fax, by EMAIL. Oh the horror!

So that little story really was to let you know that I got my second blood labs done. My LLMD said I have a decreased White Blood Cell (WBC) count. Last month it was 5.1. This month it is 3.5 which means that it is considered low/abnormal. White Blood Cells fight infection, so when it’s decreased, this means that if I am around someone who is sick with the cold or flu, I will be more susceptible in getting it. A decreased WBC could be the result of the antibiotics I am on. My LLMD said that I need to get another round of labs next week and if it continues to be low, that I might need to do the meds every other day. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I guess it could be good, it means that I only get nauseous every other day. YAY. Looking forward to that.


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5 thoughts on “OMG, I got an Email.

  1. Oh Dear! Sounds like you are having quite the run around. I always thought that the patient is entitled to a “copy” of the results/tests/medical file. I wonder what would happen if you just turned up and told her “you would like a copy”. I did that the other day. Tuesday receptionist told me the same thing that Dr Cross Examiner’s secretary said. I went in the following morning and the Wednesday receptionist told me “just a minute… let me get it for you”. Indeed a crzy system.

  2. So many idiots in the medical field. Makes you wonder how they got a job. Hope you can get a hold of those records, they are yours.

  3. I LOVE the pill box from Becki – so clever! I am sorry that we all continue our battles with the medical community. In the US, we have HIPPA laws that protect our privacy medically, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have your records. Sounds easy then, right? Well, apparently people in medical records and front desk receptionists in many (not all, if you have friends), don’t realize that you are absolutely entitled to your results. When they say, they have not been “signed off on” meaning the doctor hasn’t reviewed them yet, I would say, “Is he in?” and if so, ask to wait so that he can review them and you can get a copy as it is hard for you to keep coming back to the office. Being sweet can work, informing them of your rights can make them mad, but if you speak loud enough for others to hear in the waiting room, you usually get taken care of – not the way it should be, but, alas, we have grown so used to fighting for everything. I called the hospital’s correspondence unit a few weeks ago as my doctor hadn’t received the report of my EMERGENCY abdominal CAT scan and said they had called twice, but still no fax. I let the person know right away that I was a patient (didn’t try and say I was from the doctor’s office) and that I was OUTRAGED that emergency medical reports hadn’t immediately been sent to my doctor (who practices less than a mile away). I was calm but insistent and said that I am entitled to my records being sent to my doctor in a “timely” manner. Imagine that, they got them in 30 minutes. Why couldn’t the doctor’s office do that? I did spend almost 20 years in pediatrics and would do anything for my patients, so maybe I just have that ability still lodged somewhere in the back of my brain to know how to get those things done.
    On the note of your low white count, I am sorry – we are so immune suppressed to begin with, we do not need low counts on top of it. I’m glad your LLMD is keeping on top of it. Happy weekend! Kathi

  4. oh my….. lol Have a got another story for ya’ll that trumps this one. I will post it next.

  5. I often found myself calling doctors for this stuff. I would say I’m calling on behalf of dr. so and so about patient so and so. We need her labs faxed to [my personal fax number]. Can you help me?

    The receptionist would usually assume I was working for the doctors office and comply. Sometimes they need a patient number, which can usually be found at the top of the last set of labs you got a copy of. Apparently labs don’t require the same hola signatures as doctors records.

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