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Nope. Nothing can boost your white blood cell count.

I’ve never really introduced Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs. He’s actually my son’s pediatrican but his clinic operates as a half walk-in. I’ve been going there off and on for about 5 years because I hate Dr. 3 Hours and Dr. Gollum. He kind of reminds me of Greg from the Wiggles in a weird kind of way. Very pleasant and always smiling. I first went to see him when I was pregnant and couldn’t deal with the nausea and he prescribed me Diclectin. He also diagnosed my gallbladder issue 3 years ago which resulted in removal.

I told him about my Lyme situation and he is sympathetic. The trick is to not go into the whole controversy, just state this is what I have, this is the specialist I’m seeing out of Country, and wondering if you can help me. No arguments, no questions, he is an absolute angel.

So, I went to see Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs yesterday to:

The C.Diff test hasn’t came back yet (seriously? it’s been 3 weeks), however the regular stool cultures came out ok. He signed off on 6 months of blood labs like it was nobody’s business.

As for the low WBC, he said not to be too worried about the low WBC because it depends on the lab that drew the blood and most patients fluctuate. I asked him what I could do to raise the WBC. I wanted to see what he would say because common sense tells me that it would be making some changes to my diet. Even my BFF (who is a nurse) advised me to eat more greens, garlic and protein. Even Mrs. Lyme Buddy, who sent me a honking list of immune boosting foods. I swear, if I eat any more greens, I am going to turn into a veggie itself.

Anyway, Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs pondered my question for a whole second and shook his head. “Nothing.”
“Hmmm? Nothing can be done to raise my WBC, not even food?”

So I stared at him, gave a great big smile and gave him my many thanks for signing the requisitions. Because he is just that sweet, nice and good looking, I couldn’t argue, but I’ll go home and eat some more spinach.


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One thought on “Nope. Nothing can boost your white blood cell count.

  1. Love it! Well, spinach will help with your iron count, if nothing else.

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