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Get up Trinity, Get up

So yesterday afternoon, at about 5:30pm, I made my way to the couch, already tired, knowing how the evening will end. My mom had taken my little guy to her place for the night. My hubby was on his computer. I thought to myself, I’m not going to lay here and waste another Friday night, especially being KIDLESS for the evening!

Prometheus opening night was last night (which for me by the way was Meh) and I really wanted to see this movie, but my lethargic state was prohibiting me from hauling butt off the couch. Like Trinity said in The Matrix, “Get up Trinity, Get up”, that’s exactly what I did. I yelled at hubby to get ready while I went up and put lipstick on in what seemed like a thousand years. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “You are going to go to this movie and have a good time, even though you are starting to feel a little crappy. Deal with it.”

So off we went and I felt really good. Oh the things I use to take for granted. The spontaneity. Halfway through the drive on the only major artery home, I see immense traffic going back to the way we came from. A small panic ripped through me. What if something happens and and we can’t make it back in time? OMG, I forgot my stash of stuff! Mrs. Lyme Buddy and I were in mid text conversation and here’s a screen shot. I apologize in advance for all my profanity. I was having a moment. It seems like I was having a text conversation with myself doesn’t it. I think she disappeared from her phone for a while, so perhaps I was. I was beginning to get a little paranoid with the bed bugs and my mind started to wander. Do bed bugs carry Borrelia Burgdorferi? I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

The night turned out great, I had a good time on our long overdue date night. I ended up munching on overpriced fries throughout the movie but what can you do.

I welcome the day when my purse only has my wallet and keys.


On a different note, one of my fellow Ontario readers who owns sent me a message for you all here:

“I wanted to bring to your attention that Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is going to be presenting a Lyme bill to Parliament, and there will be a press conference about it on June 20.  You can get some more info from her website:  Also, another young Canadian woman with Lyme will be giving a speech at the press conference – Nicole Bottles.  She has a blog called Bite Me.  Her mother is collecting digital photos of Canadians with Lyme to make a backdrop for the press conference.  You can read about it on the CanLyme home page.”

You can read more about this here.


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