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A big fat Knock on Wood

My BFF sent this to me and I had a good laugh. Funny how things come around huh?

Some people have been asking me about my nausea. I forgot to mention that last week at my Chiro, he asked how I was doing on the Lyme front. I said right now, my main symptom was Nausea. I asked if he could use his magical powers to help me get rid of it. Then I asked if acupuncture would help (He is also an Acupuncturist). He said yes, it would help more than the Chiro adjustments, however he didn’t want me to stop the adjustments, or else 8 months of visits would be down the drain. So since I’m covered for both services through my insurance, why not. He squeezed me in for a 30 min acupuncture session and said he wanted to start me off with only minimal pressure points because if he went full out, it would cause too much release of toxins (Don’t we all know how that feels). So I laid there for 30 minutes and relaxed. When I got home, I had the nausea again that day, however the next day, it disappeared. Even until today. So I’m not sure what to think of this, was it the acupuncture or the fact that maybe my month long herx had ended? I would like to just think that God answered my prayer.

Moving on about 2 days ago, I thought maybe I had gone a little crazy and my altar personality had created a bonfire and stuck my hands in it. Ok, maybe not, but I’ve had this burning hand symptom before but never to this extent. It was so bad I couldn’t even text on my phone. It was so bad that I couldn’t even press the tweezers together to do my eyebrows. It came on and off in the morning and afternoon and got worse when I was in a hot environment, like the Sauna, shower or washing dishes. It disappeared and hasn’t come back. BUT I will take this ANYDAY vs the nausea.

I have also been logging my symptoms as per LLMD. I’ve created a spreadsheet for myself which I’ve included again here for you should you wish to download it for yourself. Just change the dates and it averages it out per week. Am I obsessed? Maybe. Does it help me figure out my cycle pattern? Hellz YES! My LLMD told me that one of her patients wrote it down daily, which she thought was excessive, but when she looked at his chart, she noticed that his Babesia symptoms cycled every 4 days. Interesting. So I will do whatever it takes to figure out the cycle pattern of this.

<< Daily Symptoms Chart Download >>

Anyway, the reason for this post is to let you know how I have been doing. Pretty fantastic right now. I have now charted 3 days, yes that’s THREE DAYS with NO Symptoms. I do feel minor symptoms like tremors (but probably at like a 2%), very mild morning headache, but these can be attributed to any life symptoms, not necessarily Lyme.

My appetite has come back and I think I gained 1.5 pounds. At this point, I will take anything. Although I did buy a couple of new pants that fit me better and it would be a shame now to not fit in those.

Now. The reason for the title of this post. This week is supposed to be my Lyme week. I can’t wait to see how my symptoms change and to what extent it will change. I am pretty stable now on the meds, the only thing I’m still ramping up on is the Grapefruit Seed Extract. I might keep it at 5 drops for this week so as not to produce a significant herx.

Today, we are celebrating my SIL’s anniversary, and it will be held at a Chop Steakhouse, so please think of me when I’m sitting there watching everyone eat while twiddling my thumbs.


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