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Dr. 3 Hours and her incompetent staff

As a follow up to this post here about the idiocracy of our current medical community, this post will for sure drive you nuts. I am not sure if you read my long winded “Lyme Story”, but a quick background on Dr. 3 Hours, I’ve been going to her since I was 12. She is very thorough, however her wait time is self explanatory and indescribable. Anyway, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when she told me “Your pain is very real, but we may never find out what is pathologically wrong with you.” She then showed me a series of stretching exercises for my back pain, told me that I’m working to hard, that I need to put my feet up and relax because being a mommy can be taxing on the body and mind. And then prescribed Cymbalta, an anti-depressent.

So fast forward 3 months, I was trying to get the results of my abdominal MRI from Dr. 3 Hours to give to my LLMD after I was finally diagnosed with Lyme without her help. I knew it would be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to get a fax of these results, so I had no choice but to go there in person. I decided not to call them because they never pick up anyway, so off I go with my 5 year old, drive 40 minutes to Dr. 3 hours and see a sign on their door. “WE ARE CLOSED TODAY.”

I nearly punched a hole with my fist through the door. I was so tired of this run around, not just from that day, but from the entire year and a half. I went home and stewed for the rest of the day.

The next morning, I called them bright and early. No answer. I kept calling, hitting the block number thing on my phone because I’m sure they were screening their calls. (As a side story, last year I was trying to get a referral to a GI Doc through Dr. 3 Hours. It was such a circus act with her receptionist (which is all documented on my Lyme Story page), that my husband got involved. After phoning back and forth, their phone kept hanging up on us to the point where we got so upset, we DROVE the 40 minutes there to make an appointment. They said they were having phone issues.)

Back to the story, I kept calling and finally got a pick up.

Me: Hi there, can I get the results of my abdominal MRI.
Idiot Receptionist #2 (now referred to as IR #2): I will ask Dr. 3 Hours and call your back.

2 hours later: No phone call. I pick up the phone and hit redial.

Me: Hi, did you ask?
IR #2: Oh, not yet.
Me: I am leaving now and will be there in 40 minutes. I will come and pick this up.
IR #2: Um, ok.

40 minutes later: I get there, sign in and take a seat.
another 15 minutes later: I try not to blow a gasket.
another 30 minutes later: I start praying to God to please help me keep my mouth shut.
another 45 minutes later: I breath really heavy and deeply.
another 1 hour later: My butt starts to hurt.
another 1.25 hours later: I get called up.

IR #2: Here are the results. It’s 3 pages.
Me: Thanks.
IR #2: This is our only copy.
Me: Um, Ok, can get a copy?
IR #2: That will be $1.00
Me: Are you serious?
IR #2: Yes.

At this point I was on the verge of hysterical laughter.

Me: Um, I don’t have change. I suppose you don’t take debit or credit card?
IR #2: No. (I could see from her face that she wasn’t screwing around with me. It was quite obvious that she wasn’t going to photocopy it for free)
Me: Of course not. Ok so where am I supposed to find a photo copier.
IR #2: I think there’s a Staples somewhere.

Ok. I knew there wasn’t a staples anywhere in the vicinity. At this point, I was beside myself. I took the copies, went to my car, got out my iPhone, and started snapping pictures of the copies in sections due to the screen size of my phone. The whole time cursing at what my life had come to. After snapping about 74 shots to make sure I got enough pieces to photoshop them all together, I lift up my head and see a bank in front of me.

I entered the bank, saw the first person and asked if they could please do me a huge favour and photocopy these results as they were really important. She obliged. But only after trying to sell me a whole bunch of bank services.

So back to Dr. 3 Hours office, I nearly threw the papers at her face and walked out.

I got home and read my results. I have a few liver haemangiomas which I guess didn’t really mean much to Dr. 3 Hours since she never called me back to discuss, so anyway that’s my story and I hope you have a good afternoon. I’m now so riled up from writing this, I need to go and lie down on the couch.

P.S. My LLMD said the liver haemangiomas were nothing to worry about as they were benign.


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