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Nobody really knows what’s going but you

A text conversation I had with a close person around a month ago:

Them: Are we still on for Saturday night?
Me: Can we postpone. I just started this new med and by Saturday I know I feel like crap.
Them: Why?
Me: Because that’s just the way it goes. (I really didn’t want to bother explaining). Did you know I’ve eaten about 1500 pills in the past 2 months?
Them: WTF? Seriously?  I would vomit.
Me: Yeah, you have no idea.

A conversation I had with Husband face to face:

Him:  Can you stop hanging this thing on the doorknob?
Me: No.
Him: Every time I shut the door, it makes this loud bang. What is it? A hairbrush? Why are you hanging a hairbrush on the bathroom door?
Me: Are you serious? Does this look like something I would comb my hair with? Look at the bristles.
Him: I don’t get it.
Me: It’s a body brush. It’s to boost your lymphatic system.
Him: HUH?

I leave the room.

A conversation I had with a family member:

Me: Ugh. I’m starting to feel my monthly crappyness. I think the lyme is coming on.
Them: I thought the meds were supposed to wipe them out. How can it keep coming back?
Me: Huh? It cycles every month. I told you this. It’s only been 2 months. If they were wiped out, I wouldn’t be taking meds.
Them: Hmmmm. Then I don’t know.

They proceed to walk out of the room.

I can’t really blame them for the conversations above. I haven’t really been educating anyone other than myself and others that are affected. There’s a reason why my blog has the name it has. I’m just kind of tired thinking about it.

However, it is so important that the public gain awareness of Lyme. Anyone can be affected. ANYONE! No matter what age. You think it would never happen to you, but it can. Did you know: Lyme disease is four times more common than HIV infection? Yet very few people know about it, and worse – very few doctors know how to manage a case of Lyme disease. Read more on this article here.

I’d like to think that Lyme is simply NOT just a tick bite. It is brought on by a suppression of the immune system when you have the germ in you. I believe that many out there in the world have Lyme, but their bodies are able to fight off the infection. When the immune system is comprised, Lyme will rear it’s ugly head and manifest into a host of symptoms.

Dr. Richard Horowitz, one of the leading doctors in Lyme in New York has treated more than 12,000 patients for Lyme, and is calling this the Multi-Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome (MSIDS). My own LLMD has studied under his preceptorship after he treated her for her Lyme which makes me even more confident that I will get well.

Fast forward to 23:49 where he begins his lecture and his methods of treatment. I assure you, you will not regret watching this!


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One thought on “Nobody really knows what’s going but you

  1. Sounds familiar. People just don’t get it.

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