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This Lab Tech ain’t touching me with a 10 foot pole.

I’m waiting for my hubby to come home so we can go out and get some food because I’m literally TIRED of cooking. Friday nights are my cheat night. I’ll take my 5 minutes now and share with you this story that happened yesterday.

I was getting my blood redrawn because of the low WBC issue here. I’m quite surprised that the lab techs in this lab don’t recognize me since I practically live there. So there was this lady who was a little older that was at the counter (who budded me by the way), and Lab Woman #1 hands her 2 bottles. I’m like, I know what those are!!! Lab Woman #1 starts explaining to her that it can’t touch urine or toilet water and that she must use a pan or some container. The lady starts looking all confused and it’s quite obvious that this was her first time. “But how am I supposed to do this?”, she asks. Lab Woman #1 didn’t even respond. It was like she didn’t care. The lady looked really perplexed. And I’m thinking the whole time, payback for budding me!!

Moving forward, there was this Young Looking Dude prancing around the lab. So finally my turn to go into the stall and I sit down and start rolling up my sleeves. Lab Woman #2 and Young Looking Dude comes into the room, I’m thinking, ok what’s going on here. He must be some student or something. The cubicle is literally 3×3 foot and I can get claustrophobic. Lab Woman #2 asks me what my nationality is. I tell her I am a mix. She says, “Oh I could have sworn you were ______”. I said in a rather irritated voice, “No, I get that alot.” Then Young Looking Dude says, “Oh you are ______?” I said “Yes”. He says “Oh, I’m hungry.”

They both start laughing like it was some inside joke. I can hear some Lab Woman #3 and #4 somewhere else laughing too. I’m like “What? I don’t get it. Did I miss something?” I was thinking I’m in some sort of twilight zone and needed to get the hellz out of dodge.

So anyway, she starts drawing the blood, and Young Looking Dud starts looking at the wall. I’m like, shouldn’t you be learning? I’m thinking this guy is LOONEY. Lab Woman #2 then finishes and says to him, “Are you looking at my technique.” And he says, “Oh, I was zoning somewhere else.” She giggled and thought that was cute.

I’m thinking, no seriously, what is wrong with these people? Am I on candid camera? When I was 8 years old, I had 2 cavities taken out. The dentist and his idiotic hygenist were flirting via splashing each other with the waterpik, while I laid there with my mouth open, enduring the splashes to my face from their silly game, scared out of my wits. This reminded me of that.

There’s no way on God’s green earth that Young Looking Dude will ever come near my left arm next month when I come back. I would rather let my 5 year old do it. This isn’t like a learning experience where you teach someone how to use a computer. You are sticking needles into people’s veins!!!!!

So I ask him what college he is going to, looking all curious when really I want to phone them and complain.

Well I also asked because I secretly want to be a lab technician. After everything I’ve been through, I would love to venture into doing cat scans or mri’s and the like. I mentioned to my BFF who shares my same interests. I said “Wouldn’t it be cool if we both got jobs in this industry, sit in a dark room, not be disturbed, and do this all day?” She said, “Yeah, but we wouldn’t get any work done, we would probably give ourselves MRI’s all day.” So True.


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2 thoughts on “This Lab Tech ain’t touching me with a 10 foot pole.

  1. WOW! I learned how to draw blood on the job and even I would not be as asinine as these people with patients I knew for years. The next time you go in there, be sure to say that you do not more than one person in the area with you and if it is that male idiot, say no. If they want to try and make you wait to teach you a “lesson”, march right out to the main area and state loudly that you are sick and tired of how inept and ignorant these lab techs are and they need a class in privacy laws and how to treat all patients – young or old. So sorry you went through that – my lab does know me by name 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing… lol Ya I couldn’t believe it either and to think I ran into him again today at his “other job”… lol

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