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OMG, what are the freaking odds!

Every time I finish a post, I wonder if I will have content for the next one. Turns out I am never short of content. Not even for a day.

First news, I can’t believe how fast I got my blood labs back. Again, thanks to technology, I got it via email the day after. This time, my WBC is back to normal but it looks like RDW is high which I think means I’m low in iron. You can never win.

In other matters, we are in the midst of doing a basement reno. So today, Husband and I venture into the local big box building store picking up more items. As we go to the check out, this guy walks by us with this hung over glazed look on his face. It appeared he worked there because his was wearing the uniform and the harness thing. He looks at me, stares at me for a second, then continues to walk by in this slouching demeanor like without a care in the world. I’m thinking, where I have I seen him? It took me 2 seconds. OMG! It was YOUNG LOOKING DUDE! What are the odds of seeing him 2 days ago and then now in a completely different setting.

Moving on, I decided to cook Husband some brekkie as an early father’s day because tomorrow morning will be too busy. I bought these little egg gadget things from this kitchen store and was trying them out. He eats alot and so I normally do 2 sandwiches for him. I was going to do an egg over hard but used one of the gadgets. Then I was going to do an omelet.

Then I did the second one.

Then he came downstairs and was all excited and started adding stuff to it, ruining my pictures.

In my Lyme diet, I am pretty sure the only thing I could have on here are the eggs. I usually cook 3 meals. One for myself, one for the 5 year old (who’s starting to get picky), and one for Husband. But this cannot go on. There has to be an amalgamation. We need to have a family meeting.

I am trying to get Husband away from the bacon and processed meats and the heavy carbs and all these bagels. He’s coming around but his motto is “everything in moderation.” I had a deep and philosophical conversation the other night with my 5 year old telling him that mommy is sick because a bad bug bit me. And that it’s very important that he eats healthy, build up your immune system and to eat lots of veggies, stay away from chips and candy etc. He is very understanding so I’m glad he’s young enough right now to be molded correctly with the food! It can only get better from here.


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One thought on “OMG, what are the freaking odds!

  1. Oh, you are funny! Thanks for my morning chuckle. I can’t believe you ran into that young dude. So weird! I “hear” you about the meals, too, and trying to get kids to eat well. My kids are a bit older, and it’s much harder to get them to think about the value of the things they choose to put into their mouths. Keep working at it with your little guy.

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