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Yay, I can scratch one pill off my list

Have you ever been stuck behind an extreme couponer? This has now been my second time. They should make them illegal. I am normally very perceptive in my surroundings but today not so much. I’m riding the Crimson Wave* so that is my excuse. I saw this one lady checking out so I zoomed there, unloaded my groceries, then noticed the stack of flyers on the grocery belt with the cashier about to rip her eyes out. UGHHH, now I know why there is nobody behind this woman. After about 15 minutes of staring a hole into her head while her toddler was screaming at her to hurry up, I was tempted to say “hey listen, how about I pay the $10,00 difference for you that will save.”

Next mission of the day: I ran out of some supplements and decided to replace them with higher end ones. I went into my local health food store and asked the lady which ones to replace. I showed her a picture of the old multivitamin that I had and a look of disgust swept over her face, “Oh those store bought ones”, she scoffed. I asked her, “Do you have anything better?” “EVERYTHING is better in this store”, she replied. Well, La Di Da.

So I picked these up these 3 things at the cheap price $97.94 (I’m being sarcastic). Left to Right – Magnesium, Omega 3 Oil, Women’s Multivitamin. These should last me anywhere from 2-4 months. As for the one pill I can minus, it’s the Fish Oil. I bought this new one in liquid form that tastes like apple. Thank the stars because that gel cap one I was taking was about the size of an egg.

So yes, as I mentioned above*, this is my week. I felt the effects of it today. Today is day one when it hit me, but in a semi milder form of last month’s trip to hades. I couldn’t for the life of me get up this morning. Had I been home alone, my 5 year old would have missed his school bus and most probably would have had to cook his own breakfast. I think I finally got up after he left. I heard him in my groggy state saying “By Mommy, I’m leaving!” Poor guy.

I was looking at my chart symptoms last week and I am really pleased to see that almost every symptom was at ZERO. Except for the fine tremors and nausea which were never above a 3. The nausea has lessened dramatically it’s unfathomable. I have nobody but God to thank! I will be seeing my Chiro again on Wednesday so I might squeeze in a session of acupuncture just for good measure.

My phone consult with LLMD is in 3 weeks. I also have an appointment with a Rheumatoid Arthritis guy as per Dr. Gollum after about a 4 month wait. This is one appointment that will be a complete waste of time because I don’t have symptoms of RA. I am merely keeping this appointment to a) get some good content for this blog b) satisfy Dr. Gollum’s ego just incase I need to go back to him for some reason.

Anyway, I am praying that I survive this week and next. I think it might be bone broth all week. Wish me luck.


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6 thoughts on “Yay, I can scratch one pill off my list

  1. Yikes $99! I shop at Have you tried Krill Oil? It is better than fish oil and comes in a tiny red soft gel that tastes like vanilla.

    • AHHH! all this money.. i keep thinking, that could be a plane ticket somewhere. Thanks for the heads up… will check out

  2. You just enjoy that bone broth and continue to feel better! I just purchased Propax Gold with NT replacement that is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, pre and probiotics, Omega 3 plus the NT replacement which improves cellular energy. The NT factor is supposed to repair damaged cell membranes, replace phospholipids and revitalize health to the body. I am hoping this will help increase my energy level. It is 5 pills in a packet that you should take 2 – 3 times a day. The box of 60 packets cost $62. So, I am thinking twice a day will last a month and if I’ve noticed an improvement, then I might up it to 3 times a day. I just felt the need to do something for myself with a little help from a FB friend who thought my excess fatigue was due to cell damage. Now – will I juice??? Be well, friend. Kath

  3. You make me laugh! Love your comments about Dr. Gollum and the couponer. My husband, believe it or not is a huge couponer. He has said to my friends that nothing brings him as much joy as receiving his store coupon books and going through them to see how much he can save. It’s weird. I think he gets it from his grandparents who used to tear paper plates in half and serve sandwiches on each half to save money! I bet you Ms. Coupon Lady has a similar story! 😉

    Thanks for making me laugh and I hope you continue to get well.


    • Brandi, I feel for you. My husband is the same, but not an extreme, but I get embarrassed going with him anywhere because of the haggling factor. You can’t haggle at best buy! Seriously! 🙂
      Too funny about the grandparents. I have an uncle who likes to save his left and right turn signals by manually clicking them intermittently every 2 seconds. Yes. You heard that right.

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