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Please watch these Healing Videos!

As promised, I have included the videos that I have been watching that were recommended to me from a friend. This isn’t someone that she found on YouTube. This is actually her Pastor. Yes, as you can see, he isn’t the traditional white haired old dude preaching in a suit from the pulpit. He is down to earth, probably even younger than me, and speaks in such everyday language that I can relate to. I’ve watched all his healing videos and have been so moved by them. I need to get down to brass tax and re-watch them all over again. He also does many other types of series, so I really recommend watching them! They are only 10 minutes each, so it’s easy to do 2 sessions a day. Take notes! I’ve embedded the first video here and have put links to the rest of the series.

I also should mention that he did these videos at the time when I first started treatment. What are the odds on timing for this?

Healing 101-01


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